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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Officially Sweater Weather

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. I spent the holidays with my husbands family in in the great white north of Sudbury - 30 cm (1 foot) of snow greeted us. It seems like a lot, however, there have been times when the snow banks were so high they covered cars and all you could see where the rooftops of homes. The kids just loved the snow, snow ball fights and tobogganing every day. We ate too much, went to church and enjoyed being with family.

We are back home where we finally got snow, 10 cm in fact. Its been something like 645 days since Toronto has had 10 cm of snow. I'm getting ready to shovel the snow with the kids but before I do I just wanted to show you what I was wearing yesterday before the fall. Its sweater weather!! The one I'm wearing is perfect - I can eat as much as I want (and I did) and no one is the wiser.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season or just the time of year.

Sweater - Ted Baker
Jeans - Adriano Goldschmied (old)
Booties - Coach (old)
Purse - Coach (old)
Necklace - Stella & Dot
Bracelet - J Crew

If you are missing something in your wardrobe Lilla P may be able to help. My giveaway is still open for a $100 gift card. Lilla P is six away from reaching 2000 likes on Facebook and they are promising their fans a nice surprise when they reach 2000. Let's help them out.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

And the Winner Is...

Thank you to everyone who entered my first giveaway and a special thank you to the people at Second Denim Co. the makers of Yoga Jeans for selecting my blog to host this fantastic giveaway (and providing me with my Merlot skinnies). And the Winner is...

Nathalie Fleitas

I hope you enjoy your Yoga Jeans as much as I enjoy mine. On a sizing note, I would recommend you go down at least one size when purchasing your Yoga Jeans. They have a lot of stretch, however, they maintain their shape.

Today I am doing a final "feature" and showcasing my Merlot jeans in a simplicity I am not known for. No pearls, no fancy. Just a woman and her jeans.

This is my new favourite shirt. It's big and comfy and even wrinkled.

Jeans - Yoga Jeans (find a retailer here)
Shirt - The Gap (here)
Booties - The Gap (here)
Belt - Tory Burch (old)
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - Stella & Dot (available here and here)

I'm also linking up with Walking in Grace & Beauty today.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Buffalo Plaid - Perfect Winter Pattern for A Coat

I have a warehouse of black coats. They each have a unique purpose and cover all seasons. BORING! So when my blogging friend Jane (from Toronto Shopaholic) did a post wearing a buffalo plaid coat I was impressed. Then Banana Republic had a sale - 5 items for 50% off and I found my coat. 

This coat is stylish and perfect for this cold weather. No hard try here. I will be taking out the sleeves and moving the buttons a bit. These changes will make this coat perfect, moving the buttons will cinch the waist in and make me look slimmer when wearing it. When trying on a winter coat make sure you try it on with a sweater. While the small size was a nicer silhouette I wouldn't be able to wear a sweater underneath it without pulling a Hulk and ripping the thing to shreds.

I know why black is so popular - it can be worn with many colours. This coat is limiting in that certain coloured denim pieces etc. don't go. Oh well, that's why I have my black coat.

I also like to see how a coat looks when it is open, sounds silly I know. I love the perfect symmetry in this coat when it is open. Looks great. Regular price was $310, with the discount $155. There are lots of deals out there. Banana Republic is having 30% sale today as well. Happy shopping.

Coat - Banana Republic (here)
Jeans - Adriano Goldschmied (old)
Shirt - The Gap (here)
Booties - The Gap (here)
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - J Crew, Cocoa Jewelry, Stella and Dot

The winner for my giveaway will be announced here soon. I know lots of you are wondering...

Friday, October 19, 2012

One of those Weeks

It has been one of those weeks - things are just going wrong. I made a horrible dinner, kids having school issues, broken furniture and just a general feeling of disarray. I can't wait for the weekend. The outfit today is easy, I'm afraid to try anything else. Here's hoping that next week is better than this one.

Top - Velvet (old)
Jeans - James Jeans (old)
Sweater - Cassis (old)
Boots - Fry (old)
Scarf - Danier
Necklace - Stella & Dot
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - Stella & Dot, Bittersweet

Monday, September 24, 2012

Week Of The Python - Let's Start Slow

We all know how print averse I am, but python seems as simple as leopard. For me leopard is a print neutral. Python is also huge this season and I purchased python print pants and I already have a python print blouse and this week I'm featuring ways to wear python. After we reach a certain age (and if we add a couple of kids to the mix) we wonder if we're getting too old for some trends. I don't think python is one of them. It's the pieces we buy that will dictate if it is age appropriate or not. If you can't (really I think this is a don't) wear python you could try accessories like shoes, handbags, belts or even jewelry. They will add texture to any outfit and make it a bit more interesting.

Today's post I'm going to feature 3 easy looks - I've paired my python pants with 3 different tops just to show you how easy it is to mix and match with existing pieces. Dressing can be this easy some days.

Denim is coming in all different colours and patterns this fall, just like it did in the summer. Try a dark print or dark colour for an easier transition. It'll be easier to mix and match pieces in your wardrobe if you are not too adventurous in your clothing choices. Plus darker patterns and colours hides problem areas better.

This is a basic cashmere sweater, so I can easily wear this into the winter months. Throw on a pair of boots and I am golden, and warm.

I've become a tucker, so this shirt quickly got tucked into my pants. I'm sure it would look just as great untucked...if not better. Sorry for matching the shoes to my belt, unintentional Tory love. Plus I was too lazy to re-take it by switching the belt out for something else. I'm only human, not Superwoman.

Denim - CJ by Cookie Johnson
Belt & Shoes - Tory Burch (old)
Bracelet - Stella & Dot
Watch - Michael Kors
Black Sweater - Ann Taylor (old)
Grey Sweater - Costco (old)
Chambray Shirt - Banana Republic (old)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Face On

I always try to post my best face/outfit when I do this blog, because honestly if I didn't would you follow me or read this blog? I mean I named it "One Chic Mom" so there are some expectations on your part. Don't blame you. There are days when I wake up and just don't know what to wear or care what I'm putting on. If I'm going to stay home then I can just wear whatever I find on the floor and get on with my day. If I am heading out in public I feel like I should put some effort into my appearance especially since I started this blog. When I have gone out in public without any effort my husband chuckles and says he's going to take a picture and post it.

So when I woke up today I had a lot I needed to accomplish and no desire to put my face on. I wanted something simple and started with jeans and a t-shirt. I knew I would be seeing lots of people and felt I needed to kick it up a notch. So I did what I do best, I added a blazer and some jewelry and BAM, I was public ready. Now the fact that I haven't washed my hair in 3 days (I've showered just not washed my hair) was rectified by using John Freida dry shampoo.

Not sure if you can tell in this picture but this tee has gold "glitter" all over it (I really could not think of another word to describe the gold flecks). Pretty basic outfit, nothing fancy. Great for running around with the kids.

All I did was add a blazer and some accessories. I look like a different person and you are all marveling at how I get so much done with my gaggle of children. This look took an extra 30 seconds to place on my body.

When I tucked in the t-shirt I think it looks better. Who knew?

This outfit is very similar in structure to a post I wrote last week "Red White & Blue", who cares! That's how people in the real world dress, change out a top and add a necklace. Who has time to always look so different? Apparently I don't even have time to wash my hair! Happy Hump Day!

I am linking up with WIWW again, enjoy!

Blazer - Zara
T-Shirt - Joe Fresh
Jeans - Adriano Goldschmied (old)
Shoes & Belt - Tory Burch (old)
Necklace & Bracelet - Stella & Dot
Watch - Michael Kors (old)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away...

The rain has been following me, on Thursday it escorted me to even made an appearance  in Las Vegas...and then gave me some more wet kisses in Detroit this morning. The weather has not been very summer like these last several days so I've had to dress accordingly. However, just because it's been grey outside doesn't mean I have to dress dreary, so a pop a colour is what I was sporting. The colour of the season is orange so I did my fashion duty and bought something orange, a beautiful light weight knit top. The best thing about this top (besides the colour and boxy cut) is it is transitional - great for summer and fall.

In these pictures I wore little heels, not great for wet weather, but there was no way I was putting on rain boots. I do not understand why I was so adamant about the constricting foot wear. My feet are just not ready to be covered I guess.

Sweater - Ann Taylor
Jeans - Paige
Bracelets - Forever 21, The Bay
Watch - Michael Kors
Shoes - Talbot's

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hoboken I Love You

These pictures were taken in May while I was in Hoboken for my sister-in-law's bridal shower. Now, we have rain in Toronto so this outfit would be great for the evening, take the blazer off and you're fine for the day.

Love the nautical trend!

Mother & Daughter show off matching Joe Fresh striped tops and both are wearing skinny's in the DNA.

I don't think I look like a tourist...until I start wandering aimlessly through the city, then it's a giveaway.

Blazer - J Crew
T-Shirt - Joe Fresh
Jeans - Paige Denim
Shoes - Cole Haan
Necklace - Joe Fresh
Bracelets - Coach, Gifted
Purse - Coach

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mundane Mondays - Power Shopping

I am going to try something new - posting some easy dressing ideas and calling it Mundane Mondays. Easy things to wear when doing all that glam mom stuff...let me know what you think.

We had unseasonably warm weather during March break (and the following week) in south western Ontario. I was able to head to Windsor and get help from my family (two grandparents+two sisters+one brother-in-law = HEAVEN). While I was there we headed to Michigan and some fantastic shopping.

When the Galic sisters go shopping it is a marathon event so I needed to dress for 8 hours of fun (one hour break for dinner). We hit IKEA, three home stores, two malls (Fairlane and Somerset Collections) and street shopping in Royal Oak (I think it was Royal York). We are fast, efficient and we know what we like and need.

Dark blue skinny jeans and a navy top can be pretty plain, I added yellow shoes for a pop of colour and the scarf draws attention to my face. My face was very well rested this week, I had to give it some attention.

Since this shirt had slips I wore a white tank just for a little peek-a-boo of coverage. An orange, red or yellow tank would have been a nice touch as well.

Top - Cassis; Jeans - Adriano Goldschmied; Shoes - Tory Burch; Scarf - Gifted

I finally got the top I wanted at Anne Taylor, lusted over Louboutins (hell I even tried on three pairs) and spent some great time with my sisters. A wonderful March break for mom.