Monday, February 6, 2012

A Tall Day

I'm having an especially tall day. Let me start off by saying that I have always embraced my height (thanks mom and dad!!). I never slouched or tried to make myself look shorter, furthermore, I love high heels. Why should I hate shoes that make me look amazing plus make me even more intimidating to everyone around me? I am six feet tall and for the most part being tall is nothing but fantastic. There were a few things that I missed out on, for example, when I was in grade school, during class pictures, I only sat on the first row bench once. Why would this bother me? Because on picture day I put on my favourite dress and no one got to see it. I was in the back with all the boys (and a few of my tall sisters). I would have settled for the second row, but no. Moreover, tall girls are never considered cute, before all my petite girls start saying they hate being called cute, when you are younger and in the primary grades you always envied the cute little girls. The older grade girls always wanted to be partnered with the cute little girls. Then there is that whole awkward gawky stage, where I didn't know what do with my arms.

Anyway, going back to loving my height... I went shopping today and everything was too short, I'm talking pants, skirts and dresses, not to mention any top I put on. Tops can go wrong on the sleeve  and the mid-section, and they were hitting all the wrong spots. Then there were the shoes. When fashion buyers purchase shoes they only buy one (okay maybe two) size 10s that they expect all the tall girls (plus all the girls with big feet without the long torsoes) to fight over. So unless I purchase my size right when the season starts I am screwed. Just a side note: I love my shoes but boy are they HUGE, especially when shoes that are displayed in a store are a size 7 or 8.

The most frustrating part of having a tall day is the sales staff at every store you hit keeps telling you how long the pants are and they have to hem them because they are so long. Here's the thing, the average inseam is between 30 to 32 inches and I need at least a 34 inch inseam (not including when I want to wear heels). So when I do the math I am missing at least between 2 to 4 inches.

So I went home empty handed and commiserated about my Tall Day with my husband (he is six feet five inches so he gets it). He wasn't paying attention, something about being too busy with work so I am venting here. The reality is I have a pretty good wardrobe (and I didn't need anything) so I decided my pity party should be short lived and here are a few tips of where and what for all my tall girls (my petite and average friends can enjoy all these stores have to offer). They are Chic Mom approved.

  • Banana Republic - Pencil skirts, plus I just bought a maxi dress that was long enough
  • Holt Renfrew - shoes. If they don't have your size they will ship your size to their store with no strings attached. Plus they carry Paige Denim and I love Paige. Holt's started to carry some more affordable shoe lines that won't kill your budget and they have good sales.
  • Michael Kors - Dresses, they seem to hit me in the right place. The waist is where my waist is, and if the dresses are meant to be longer they hit me at the knee.
  • Cassis - Dresses, skirts, ankle length pants, tops are not too short
  • Puh-Nash - a private boutique located on Bloor St. (Toronto) that has a great owner who will help you find what you need and work with you to find your personal style
  • Carriage Trade - another amazing boutique located on Bloor St. that has some great pieces and a great staff that will keep an eye out for anything you need
Lastly, I do shop at Long Tall Sally. Their clothing is cut for tall people so everything is long enough, especially pajamas. Now I know that most of my tall girls are sleeping in short pants so google Long Tall Sally and order some pajamas, you can thank me later. LTS is hit or miss for me because some of the fabrics are not so flattering and the styles can be aging so please do not complain to me about that. I have also heard about a store called Long Legs (located in Oakville) and they also cater to the tall segment. I plan to visit this store soon.

Happy Tall Day!

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