Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guest Post - Nathy from Earnestyle

Hello everyone...long time no post. I am still a bit busy and won't be able to post anything new till next week. I haven't been able to properly visit all the wonderful blogs out there (Sorry Sheree, Susan, Jenny, Kristina, Avril, Beth, Sue, the rest of my favourite UK bloggers). However, the great thing about bloggers is they are always willing to help a girl out. Without further adieu here is Nathy, she will explain everything...

Hi everyone! I'm Nathalie, loyal One Chic mom follower and lucky winner of Iva's Yoga Jeans giveaway from November. 


I'm a full-time graduate student who was born and raised (and still lives in) beautiful Miami. In this little virtual space of mine called Earnestyle, a few things will be obvious from the get-go. For example, my blog definitely reflects my city's love of color. I enjoy wearing bold colors, especially corals and blues. I also tend to favor classic, feminine styles, but I love incorporating trends into my wardrobe as well.



This is what I wore on New Year's Eve.

I was so thrilled to win the Yoga Jeans giveaway, my first giveaway win ever! As you may recall from Iva's posts, Yoga Jeans are made by the Second Denim Co., and they're made to fit your body like a second skin. There were so many great options to choose from, but I ended up choosing "Yoga 98", their high rise straight colored jeans, in Merlot. 

I'm so happy with the way these jeans fit. They really do hug your body and stay in place as you walk, sit, cross your legs, whatever. I bet if I did yoga, I'd have no problem wearing these. But I don't do yoga. Or workout, ever. Probably why I need high-rise jeans to begin with. But that's another story.

The only drawback that comes with these jeans is actually a good thing for other people: they are very, very long. I'm only 5'1", so I had to get them hemmed. But they weren't hemmed right. So I had to awkwardly tuck them in. Overall, I'm very happy with these jeans, and will be getting another pair soon.

Please ignore the awkward tucking in of the pants and focus on Modcloth's fabulous "Sparkle an Interest" heels.





A huge thank you to Iva for inviting me to guest post, and for offering the Yoga Jeans giveaway to begin with.

I hope you One Chic Mom readers liked my post and that you will come and come visit me sometime!

Top: Anthropologie (Charlie & Robin)
Yoga JeansSecond Denim Co.
Bag: Lady Lux Boutique (local Miami shop)


  1. Lovely to meet you Nathy. You look great in ur new jeans. Brilliant choice. Iva, hope all is good with u. Looking forward to you posting again. xx

  2. Oh, I love Nathy. And this post she did is both cute and funny. And...I'm doing a blog exchange with her soon too. Yay.

  3. lovely pictures!! kisses

  4. It was worth visiting your site !! and yes you look very beautiful!