Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Every Girl Needs A Coat

Fur is a sensitive subject, to some individuals (and organizations) it is very black and white. Very few things in life are black and white. I am not going to discuss fur and the ethics associated with it. That is for a different blog.

I am going to say that I just love this coat. I've had it for at least 11 years and it sill turns heads and inspires women to find that one show stopping coat for those special occasions in their life. For me fur is all about the "trimmings", adding that extra detail that makes the ordinary extraordinary. 

The collar and cuffs are removable. I have never used the collar for anything but this coat, however, I will be removing it and seeing what else I can come up with. This is another Style Panel Challenge. To see what other bloggers are wearing please click here.

Some of you may know that on Friday I was on the Marilyn Denis Show, I participated in "Real Women Model Search" and was selected to be in their Top 10. From there I made it to the Top 6 and will be on the show periodically. I will be posting about this experience this week. Why not today? I have a very sick 3 year old who needs me. That's a perfect Real Women story...modelling on national television on Friday and being vomited on by Saturday. It doesn't get any more real then that!

Coat - Di Capra (old)
Dress - Banana Republic
Shoes - Jimmy Choo (old)
Belt - BCBG


  1. That is a stunning coat; I can see why you turn heads when you wear it. Amazing news about the television show! Hope your 3 year old gets better soon.

  2. Great coat and well done on appearing on the show - you were amazing! Avrilxx

  3. Looking lovely and off to look for a clip of he show!

  4. That is AWESOME..congrats, how fun!
    We have two similarities right now..1. check out my amazing fur tomorrow and 2. my three year old is insanely sick!
    Very small world indeed! cannot wait to hear more about the modeling!
    Sheree xxx

  5. What a gorgeous coat! You look like a model in it, so glam!

  6. Congrats on the show! :D
    As for the fur...I love the look and feel of it and hate the artificial fur, but I also love animals. But then again...I eat them :O
    So I kinda settled on a happy medium...and I wear vintage fur and try to eat less meat. I'm good with that. :D

  7. You need to learn about the cruelty that goes into coats like this and perhaps, just perhaps, you would realize what you chose to do to innocent, sentient beings. Leather and fur are beautiful on other animals but ugly on humans!!!

  8. That's one fab, fab coat! A woman can't have enough beautiful coats, especially when you live in Canada!
    Catherine xx

  9. Well I think the coat looks vile on you

  10. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. I'm not. I love this coat and won't be bullied by people who hide behind anonymous. I will keep all comments regarding this subject on this blog because opinions are so varied and passionate. I respect your anger and passion on this subject but please do not think I will be cowed by them.

      Thank You.