Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rowenta Versa Style & Chambray

When I attended World MasterCard Fashion Week (WMCFW) my favourite booth was easily the one sponsored by Rowenta Beauty. Now I know about Rowenta because I own one of their garment steamers. I keep it in my bedroom next to my bed and I've owned it for 8 years and bought one for my mother for Christmas. When asked by The Kit what my favourite fashion tool was I said my garment steamer by Rowenta. Well now there is a tool tie. I have fallen for the Rowenta Versa Style. I was lucky enough to have my hair styled three times during that week by Rowenta stylists and each time the stylists used the Versa Style - I had my hair flipped, curled and straightened. Three different styles all done with the help of one tool (when my hair was curled the top pieces were curled with the Rowenta Curl Active my next tool purchase). My hair looked amazing with each style and I walked a bit taller because we all know I need those extra inches. 

I needed a new hair tool. Mine was 10 years old and when I used it to straighten my hair it pulled my hair and was burning my ends. I payed good money 10 years ago and was willing to spend again. The nice people at Rowenta Beauty sent me the Versa Style and I haven't looked back. I love the fact that it locks closed, is all push button and comes with a case and instructions. My only wish was that it could remember the temperature you liked and kept that set for future uses. The first style I tried was straightening my hair, nice and smooth. I've been straightening my hair for a decade so I got that down pat. I decided to try something different, the Flip - this was my intro to the Versa Style during WMCFW. I was a little worried because hair tools scare me. I love to get my hair done and I give stylists lots of creative judgement,  I'm just not very adventurous when it comes to me doing it myself. Just check my blog for the lack of creative hair ideas. I used the attached style booklet and followed the easy instructions and ta da! I think my first attempt was a success. My friends were impressed and told me how much they liked my new style. It took the same amount of time to flip out my hair as it does to straighten, my youngest was using me as a jungle gym and I think I did a pretty good job. 

My next style tries are the wave and the curl. I've got tool confidence now and will be show casing my attempts in the next week or two. In the words of Icona Pop "I Love It" and recommend it. 

The Rowenta Beauty Versa Style retails for $239.00 and is sold exclusively in salons. 

Now to the outfit...

On Tuesday I was meeting a few friends for lunch and decided to usher in spring with some colour and my new favourite shirt - chambray! Taking pictures proved trying because it was so windy.

I have to say my flip weathered the wind pretty good - I dare say it even looks better.

Chambray Shirt - The Gap
Skirt & Necklace - Banana Republic
Shoes - Prada


  1. Very cute flip. I love being able to change hairstyles occasionally courtesy of a hair tool. I've been known to do the flip as well! Just takes a bit of practice

  2. I agree! The windblown look is very flattering. ;)

  3. Love your hair. I have been using a GHD styler for the last few years and absolutely love it for both straightening and making my hair wavy!

  4. Iva, I'm going to come over to try it myself :)

  5. I'm due for a new straightener ... I'm going to give this one a try. We just recently bought the Rowenta steamer and we love it!
    Love this outfit! The necklace really polishes off the outfit!