Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year & We Have a Winner

Happy 2013!

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the new year, I was able to spend some time in Windsor and crossed the border to watch a football game (Lions lost) and do some shopping (Blazer & button down from Brooks Brothers, tailored perfection). While in Windsor I scored a pair of skinny Yoga Jeans for $40, I almost fainted from excitement. 

Next year we're instituting a "No More Toys from Friends & Family" rule. I didn't even let them open all the toys they got. Why? They play with the new toy for a minute and off to the next new toy etc., then complain they have nothing to play with. Some of my in-laws thought I was being a bit of a Scrooge when I suggested they not purchase toys for my children, then they saw the boxes pile up and realized Santa and presents form mom and dad were more than enough. Am I alone in feeling this way?

Any style resolutions made? I think mine should be to buy less quantity and more quality. 

When I purchases this vest I wasn't sure about keeping it, I'm glad Tina talked me into it. I think you'll be seeing more of this piece...

I also wanted to announce the winner of my giveaway with Lilla P. Congratulations:

Eva Hartman Ptaschinski!!

Your gift card is ready, enjoy.

I won't be posting very frequently in the next two (maybe even three) weeks, kids at home and then back to school after the holidays seem to have taken over my life.

Vest - Banana Republic
Turtleneck & Skirt - The Gap
Belt - Cassis (old)
Shoes - Stuart Weitzman (old)


  1. Looking good and Happy New Year!

    Much Love


  3. You are so not a scrooge at all for the toy limitations. I tried to do that with my kids but either family ignores me or they don't know what else to get them. My house is a toy war zone, and yes really my older daughter (4) plays more with play doh and paints than any toys. My son is 1 so really he likes cardboard boxes more than the actual toys. People also seem to forget that I already have all the 1 year old toys from my daughter so now I just have more baby toys that largely won't be played with. My mom does alot of second hand shopping so I know that she isn't really spending alot for the mountain of stuff she gets for my kids but still. I feel like a hoarder. I should have a reality tv show.

    Congrats to Eva!!

  4. My family always called me and asked me what to get the kids for Christmas, so I gave them toys they wanted and then knew I didn't have to purchase those. I didn't try to over compensate for what my siblings and mother provided and I saved some really great things to be from Santa. I was so blessed to have such considerate siblings. My children are 26, 21, 17 and 12 and they still asked me this year what gift cards to get... It is important for extended family to respect parents...

  5. Loving this with the striped skirt..great combo and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    Sheree xxx

  6. Love the vest...would probably look amazing with some skinny jeans and knee high boots.
    Very chic :)
    As for the resolution...I think that's something we should all try do to.
    It's amazing how much quality is overlooked sometimes but when you do "invest" in shows.
    Hope you had a fabulous NYE!!

  7. lovely outfit - the striped skirt is perfection!

  8. Happy New Year...or as we say...Sretna Nova Godina. :D
    I love the vest...and I like how you paired the monochrome with a flash of leopard. LOVE it.

  9. You look fantastic in this. I tried to buy a furry vest and looked like a gorilla. I'm very jealous.


  10. Fabulous outfit. I love the fur vest but I look like a mini Viking when I wear one. I've bought them in the past but always end up returning them. Sad to be a short-ass!! Happy New Year.

  11. Never would've thought to put fur, stripes, and leopard together, but it looks soo good!

    Happy new year!


  12. I am with you -we asked for no presents at all for the little one this year. If people felt compelled, we asked for experiential gifts. We just don't want more STUFF! But if you're going to have stuff, it should be fabulous, like this fur vest!!! Happy New Year ~Sarah