Thursday, July 25, 2013

Little Blue Box

When I saw this amazing collection from Tiffany I just loved everything. I've been day dreaming...

Paloma Olive Leaf bangle in 18K yellow gold, $12,700 CDN
Paloma Olive Leaf pendant in sterling silver, large, $495 CDN
Tiffany Devon Frame bag in Tiffany Blue and silver leather, $1,300 CDN
Paloma Olive Leaf ring in 18K yellow gold with amethyst, $2,000 CDN
Tiffany Enchant flower earrings in platinum with round brilliant diamonds, $5,050 CDN
Tiffany Sabrina clutches in textured leather, $1,300 CDN each

What's your favourite item?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Stripes

Navy & White is my summer go to colour combination. It's easy and we all know I love easy.

It's a quick post today. I've been out swimming with the kids and I am tired. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation. It's cooling down in Toronto and I HATE it! I like the heat. I am ducking from all the dirty looks some of you are throwing at me.

I bought this skirt for two reasons, the length and the ruching. I cannot resist perfectly placed ruching.

Skirt, Yoana Baraschi (old). Tee, The Gap (tall). Flip Flops, Tory Burch (old). Necklace, Stella and Dot (old). Bag, c/o Ecco. Sunglasses, Burberry (old). Watch, Michael Kors (old).

I have a favour to ask all my mom's out there - or anyone really. What are your "Back to School" must have's. It can really be anything from kids lunch box kits, to your must have jeans. Anything! All you ideas are appreciated.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

What's in a Name..."Falling in Style"

I have been blogging here for about a year and a half and this started as a fun little distraction from the everyday. "One Chic Mom" was just my attempt to help friends get out of yoga pants and sweat shirts and embrace their bodies and style. It was selfish and vain and fun and MINE. I didn't know that blogging could be so much more, that I could make it so much more. So it is with mixed emotion that I let all of my great readers know that I am moving my blog to a new domain and it will be called "Falling in Style". I've already changed my name on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Some of you have noticed and now you will find out why.

Most of you are thinking "Why the name change?". The honest truth is that I was getting pigeon holed into something that I'm not and was being passed up for opportunities that I wanted and would have been a good fit for. I'm hoping this will open doors for me and let marketers/PR companies/organizations know that I'm a good fit for their next project. I've done my research and everyone who've I've talked to told me to make the change so here I am sort of starting over again.

The aesthetic of my new blog will mirror my own and be everything I need/want. It will be home. I'm working with ohksocialmedia.

Why "Falling in Style"? Well it was hard to find a blog name that I loved, that was me and wasn't taken. This new name resonated with me specifically because the two times I've appeared on TV as a spokesperson I've been "falling with style" and managed to pick myself up and persevere. You'll have to wait for the full stories when the new blog launches. I also have visions a la Mad Men of me falling off a skyscraper in a beautiful dress falling gracefully and surviving. Someone else compared it to the phrase "falling in love" and I like that as well.

Now to what I'm wearing...

Shorts & Shoes, Joe Fresh. Blouse, LOFT. Handbag, Coach (old). Necklace, c/o Cocoa's Jewelry (sold out, similar idea here). Bracelet, Ann Taylor. Watch, Michael Kors (old).

I'm becoming obsessed with twitter again and looking for new followers and for new people to follow. Let me know @IvaGrbesic

I'm Co-Hosting the "Way We Wear Shorts". Some really great idea.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Words of Wisdom

My youngest sister and my sister-in-law are both pregnant and due within a month (and a bit) of each other. I'm overjoyed for them and I also know that it might be difficult. I've had five pregnancies and four children and each pregnancy was a wondrous and scary time. I spent the first half of my thirties pregnant/breastfeeding/sober. As my children grow and become independent I wouldn't change how quickly and how many I've had for anything, plus I don't know any better. It was hard with four little ones but now we have a routine that works for me. At this point in my life I need it to work for me. I'm the one who is there for every scrape, stitch, tear, laugh, smile, success and failure (failure is important, kids need to fall so they learn how to get up). If I'm off the entire family suffers.

So what words of wisdom do I have for my beautiful Rosie and Helena? Love every little moment that comes, hug and kiss them as much as you want. Cry if you have to and ask for help when you need it - I'm only a phone call away. If you are tired sleep when the baby naps even if it is in the middle of the day. Clean the house only if you feel like it when having me over, I could care less if everything is out of place. When the baby cries and makes a fuss and bothers "people", ignore them and remember those "people" probably bugged the sh*t out of someone else earlier and karma is a b*tch. Lastly, shower, put some make up on, wear your good jeans and go anywhere, just go.


I didn't mean to get this "deep" when writing the post. The post was only supposed to be about me raving about this Canadian eco friendly, cruelty free, vegan, paraban free, dye free and chemical free baby product line "live clean (baby)" and an outfit for a baby shower. I've never wanted to review baby products (I want to leave babies in my past) but having two wonderful women who are so dear to me pregnant makes me want to learn about all these new products that are available out there. Plus, I like to be a know it all and this seemed like a good place to start.

Outfit part first...

Blazer, Zara. Blouse, Loft. Shorts, Ann Taylor (old). Shoes, Joe Fresh. Bracelets, J Crew, Ann Taylor. Watch, Michael Kors (old). Sunglasses, Burberry (old).

When I started researching message boards and product reviews live clean (baby) delivers great baby products that are also gentle on baby's skin and mothers are happy (check out why here). I knew that these products where something I could support and review. My sister Rosie told me that her friends use the products and love them as well. Plus they are found at Wal-Mart and Shoppers Drug Mart. This makes them easily accessible to many Canadians. I love the skincare essentials gift set, a great addition to any baby shower gift. The packaging is pretty cute too.

"Live Clean Baby is a unique collection of eco-friendly baby care products designed with your baby and the environment in mind. Live Clean Baby promises performance with natural, gentle ingredients - caring for baby's delicate skin using plant based formulations enriched with certified organic botanicals that are safe for baby and safe for the earth."

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Simply Styled

In Toronto the heat is blistering, with humidity it's around 39 C (or 100 F). I don't need the chambray shirt outside. The issue is the air conditioning in most buildings, it is so cold I need to keep it in my shopping bag so I don't freeze to death. Plus it all looks very cute together and I wanted to show you how simple it was to style this look. I wore it out to dinner with a friend last night (sans the chambray and with a few more pieces of jewelry). We had a nice casual dinner on a patio and enjoyed the heat. That's what many people don't realize about Canadian summers - they are HOT...just like the people ;)

Chambray Shirt, The Gap (tall). Tee, Banana Republic (old). Skirt, Old Navy. Bag, c/o Ecco Canada. Flip Flops, Tory Burch (old). Watch, Michael Kors (old). Sunglasses, Burberry (old).

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Heat Wave

I love summer and I love the heat. Humidity does not phase hair is a different story. I have been enjoying some me time (my children were whisked away to a cottage with their grandparents) and it's easy to get ready and have an enjoying day running errands without the kids. Can you see the serene look on my face?

It's been a week without the kids and I have to say I miss them terribly.

Blouse, Madewell (old). Skirt, c/o Tristan. Flip Flops, Tkees (old). Bracelet, Ann Taylor. Watch, Michael Kors (old). Bag, c/o Ecco.

This is the last photo where my phone was working. It just stopped. I can't wait to be told there is nothing they can do and I have to buy a new phone. I think I may go either Blackberry or Samsung. Any suggestions?

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

We Have Power!!

On early Monday evening Toronto was hit with heavy rain fall and sections of the city were flooded. My family and I were fortunate enough to be spared any flooding in our home but had no electricity from Monday evening till late Wednesday afternoon. My saving grace was that my children are with my in-laws and we were all spared from their discomfort. Having no electricity gave me a new appreciation of what those in Calgary had gone through (their situation was much worse) and how fortunate I am to even have electricity and all the comforts it brings.

Before the kids left I took several pictures of outfit posts and today's features shorts and a sleeveless blouse. I wore this shopping and running around doing errands. I just felt like getting dressed up a bit. It's been happening more often then not.

Lots of help from the kids!

Blouse, Shorts & Gold bracelet Ann Taylor. Sunglasses, c/o EDIT by Jeanne Beker. Watch, Michael Kors (old). Shoes, Cole Haan (old). Stone Bracelets, J Crew.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Polka Dots & Floral

I've stated on several occasions I'm learning how to wear patterns and mix them. An easy way is with this polka dot blazer and floral print shoe. Small subtle patterns, one being a neutral (navy polka dots on white) and the floral is more eye catching. Baby steps.

Plus with all the sales going on now it's a great time to invest in some great pieces like fun or basic blazers, shoes, jewelry, handbags....whatever you need or want.

I was heading out with the whole family and wanted to get a few pictures. I forgot to roll up one sleeve.  It is driving me crazy.

Because the blazer is very neutral I wanted to wear that ever popular "statement" necklace and opted for some colour. This "Tiffany Blue" necklace from Cocoa Jewelry was a perfect choice. Nancy (owner and designer of Cocoa Jewelry) has let me know that she is having an on-line sale, 40% off everything. The coupon code is 40%off.  Happy shopping!! Just an FYI this necklace is a Target exclusive and you won't find it on-line...but I'm sure you can find something else. The latest collection is available at Shopper's Drug Mart stores and I posted some pictures on my Instagram account. You can find me @ivagrbesic.

Blazer, J Crew. Skirt, c/o Tristan. Tank, LOFT. Necklace, c/o Cocoa Jewelry. Bracelet, Ann Taylor. Watch, Michael Kors (old). Sunglasses, c/o Jeanne Beker EDIT. Shoes, J Crew.

I was nominated as one of Toronto's Top 30 Mom Bloggers. Hoping you can vote for me here.

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Pretty in Pink

I have been waiting to use that title.

When I pick out a dress I look for a very simple and sleek silhouette. It always works on me and it's no fuss. It's not that I don't try different silhouettes, it's just that they usually don't look good on me. When I did the Pomp & Pageantry photo shoot and Shellie suggested a Myne pink silk dress with a fuller tulip shaped bottom I wasn't convinced it would look good on me. Then she told me Kim Kardashian owned this dress in multiple colours I knew I would HATE it...well I was wrong. The dress is beautiful and works because of my curves, not in spite of them. The colour is perfect for summer weddings and it was recently featured on Toronto Beauty Reviews blog.

Dress, Myne. Necklace, Pomp & Pageantry. Belt, Joe Fresh (old). Shoes, Jimmy Choo (old). Clutch, DKNY (old). Cuff, Joe Fresh (old).

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I know mine has been nice. Lots of little helpers while I am taking my photos and rain for the last few days. Memories I will treasure in the future...trying to appreciate them now ;).

My newest obsession is Instagram. You can find me @ivagrbesic. Come and say hello.

One more thing. I have been nominated as one of Toronto's Top 30 Mom Bloggers, if you have a second please vote here. No personal information, one vote per person type voting. Thanks and have a great weekend.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

LBD because of Vichy

When I am invited to PR events I get excited - it's time to play dress up! No kids tugging or pulling on me, I'm not wiping up spilled milk (or anything really) or getting grease on my clothes because someone didn't wash their hands or any. During Luminato, Toronto's Festival of Arts and Creativity I was able to attend Vichy's Skin Health Centre where I was given a complete skin work up and learned that my skin is extremely dehydrated. To be quite honest, I figure as much. I am still having a difficult time juggling kids, family, home responsibility and all the amazing opportunities blogging is bring me. I'm not taking care of myself or my skin as I should.

Vichy Canada sent me everything I needed (and them some) to help with my skin concerns and I'll be doing a full review of their products. My Vichy Products were mostly from the LIFTACTIV line, helps with aging and wrinkles, something I'm trying to slow down. I really enjoyed hearing about Vichy's commitment to helping those with sensitive skin and how much research goes into their products. I even met their head scientist, Sarah Gora, she has the most amazing Parisian accent that I could listen to all day.  I'm already obsessed with their Bare Skin Feel Lotion SPF 60 (feels like it moisturizes and is light) as well as their Lip Protection Stick SPF 30 (lipstick glides over it and application is smoother, that's why I keep it in my make up bag). Their Centre was located right next to the main stage so I figured I would dress up and wear my favourite summer LBD.

I have gotten my money's worth with this denim jacket. It just seems to go with everything.

These nude heels are my new summer go to's.

Me posing with my favourite products - LIFTACTIV Serum 10 Eyes and Lashes and Nutriextra Dry Oil.

Denim Jacket, The Gap. Dress, Bailey 44 (old). Shoes, Nine West. Clutch, Danier. Necklace, c/o Vivienne Kelly (sold out but similar here). Bracelet, c/o Cocoa Jewelry for Target.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer is Officially Underway

School is out, Canada has been celebrated and now the real work starts...entertaining the kids before they go back to school. Well, not really entertain them (they need to figure that on their own), but have some stuff planned. To be honest, I don't have much planned for the kids. We were supposed to be enjoying all that Croatia has to offer and instead we'll be enjoying all that Windsor-Toronto-Sudbury-Manitoulin is offering during the summer. Thank God for their Croatian grandparents.

Sweater, blouse (old), Banana Republic. Shorts, Gap. Shoes, Cole Haan (old). Necklace, Ann Taylor (old). Bracelets, c/o Cocoa Jewelry for Target. Watch, Michael Kors (old).

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