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My Chairs

My husband purchased two William Switzer chairs at work at a charity auction. I didn't know what William Switzer was, but after I Googled it I knew he did a good job (Canadian company, all wood chairs, hand carved in Europe). They were dated, the fabric was a floral brocade from the 80s, however, the chairs are in perfect condition. When I did the math, it made sense to spend the money on re-upholstery : the cost of chairs + fabric + cost of re-upholstery < cost of new chair of same quality.

When I made the decision to re-upholster I did lots of research on the internet before I found the perfect person to work with, Barbara, from Armchair Revolution Upholstery. She is a one woman shop in Etobicoke and I knew she would take care of me and she did. She was quite honest about costs and why I should move forward (she told me that if any of my chairs were of poor quality she would recommend I buy new ones). I am happy I did and can't wait to work with her again.

The chairs now have a French antique look with a white painted wood frame and light grey velvet brocade fabric. In different lighting the fabric takes on different hues and can look golden at times. This fabric is reversible so I decided to do the back of the chairs the reverse side. I've seen this look in lots of design magazines (white on grey chairs) and I am very happy every time I look at my chairs!

Chairs - William Switzer, Fabric - Designer Fabrics, Re-upholsterer - Armchair Revolution Upholstery

I have one more chair to re-upholster, this one is a wingback, and can't wait to see how that turns out.


  1. This chair is beautiful!

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  3. This is georgeous!

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