Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Seeing Yellow...and a bit of Red

I am reading the fifth book of Fire & Ice series by George R.R. Martin. I started reading the first book of the series at the end of June and I can't seem to put the books down. The television series "Game of Thrones" opened my mind to the possibility I could maybe enjoy a fantasy series like this. It has been described as the Sopranos of the Fantasy Genre and I have to agree. I really enjoy the character development and the twists and turns. My favourite female character has to be Dany and I have a place in my heart for Tyrion Lannister.

Besides reading my summer has been full of swimming pools and parks, very typical for this season. To be honest fashion has been toned down in my every day. It's just easier when you take four kids for a swim that everything be  simple. I usually live in cotton dresses and shorts (I am still wearing shorts) that are comfortable but today I am featuring my newest love and a very big trend - my lace dress. Anything lace is very popular and I am really enjoying it - its feminine and soft. Today it is all about fire and summer...just like the weather in Fire & Ice...but like the Stark's say "Winter is coming" and with that being said in a few weeks I will be partnering up with a Toronto boutique to show you looks for fall. I know fall...

This is my Victoria Beckham smile...I am smiling with my eyes...

I bought this dress at Macy's in NYC while I was touring the city on foot with my four kids. I was alone and needed some retail therapy. Thank God for large change rooms. It was an interesting day, I would recommend it, just to see how long you can keep your patience with children...or because misery loves company!

I bought these sunglasses at Costco. Yup! They are Burberry and they are fabulous. I have seen Fendi Mia Borsa bags on-line and they have Longchamp available in store. We won't even get into their jewellery. I purchased a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses on-line and they broke before a year, Costco gladly took them back and returned the money to my credit card. You cannot BEAT that service.

I just wanted to switch up the shoes so you can see that you can add a pop of colour with this dress.

Dress - Tommy Hilfiger
Nude Shoes - Christian Louboutin
Bracelets - J Crew, Bitter Sweet
Sunglasses - Burberry

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mundane Mondays - Yellow Again

I know I'm not the only one who's obsessed with the Olympics...GO CANADA GO...GO CROATIA GO...just a quick shout out before we begin talking about what I'm wearing...oh one more thing before we get to me, what are your opinions on the Team Uniforms? Did Ralph Lauren do well with dressing the Americans? I was not happy about the uniforms being made in China. What about the Canadian Team? I'm not excited about them but they could be worse. Then there's Armani for Italy and Stella McCartney for the Brits. Fashion is now part of the Olympics.

So here we are, Monday and it is time for the simple things in fashion...yellow denim and blue denim button down. Easy and fresh like lemonade.

When I styled this outfit it brought me back to high school. Button downs and the preppy look were a big trend and Polo was the brand to wear. I still remember seeing Renata K. wearing a white Polo button down (and the little polo man was dark blue) with her jeans and thinking that no one could wear that look better than her. I tried that look in high school but the shirts were too short on my arms!

Some twenty plus years later I'm wearing jeans and button downs and I think I got it. Roll the sleeves. Thanks Renata!

Top - Banana Republic
Jeans - Ann Taylor
Sandals & Watch - Michael Kors
Belt - Old Navy
Bracelets - The Bay, J Crew 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hoboken I Love You

These pictures were taken in May while I was in Hoboken for my sister-in-law's bridal shower. Now, we have rain in Toronto so this outfit would be great for the evening, take the blazer off and you're fine for the day.

Love the nautical trend!

Mother & Daughter show off matching Joe Fresh striped tops and both are wearing skinny jeans...it's in the DNA.

I don't think I look like a tourist...until I start wandering aimlessly through the city, then it's a giveaway.

Blazer - J Crew
T-Shirt - Joe Fresh
Jeans - Paige Denim
Shoes - Cole Haan
Necklace - Joe Fresh
Bracelets - Coach, Gifted
Purse - Coach

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gelish Manicure - Carnaval Hangover

Just a quick picture of my manicure. The perfect summer colour. That's all for today!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Neon Pink & Prints - 101st Post!

I wore this outfit to church on Sunday. When we were in church my husband mouthed something to me, I thought it was to complain about the behaviour of our sons, it was "I love what you're wearing".

Mixing neon's or brights can be difficult, the easiest thing to do is to pair them with white or black and I love easy, however, I wanted to try and be creative (difficult) so I decided to mix some neon's together.

There is no bright pink in the blouse but there is neon yellow which goes with the neon pink. Articles of clothing don't need to match but they need to go. If you are having a difficult time with finding complimentary colours I would suggest purchasing a colour wheel, you can buy them at Wal-Mart or Michael's, to make it an easy exercise. The colour wheel is not just for dressing, it helps with home decor, scrap booking, gift wrapping...you get the picture.

Love the sleeve detail.

I'll say it, what is with my hair!?!? Stupid Toronto humidity, but I just couldn't find a better full length shot so you could see the outfit head on.

Yes, a red sole. I got a pair. Why? Because for me no one does a better nude. This was my birthday present to myself. My husband said I'm done buying shoes for a while...I don't know...for now yes...

Blouse - Ann Taylor
Skirt - J Crew
Shoes - Christian Louboutin
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - Forever 21, The Bay

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mundane Mondays - Polka Dots

I just love easy and honestly nothing gets easier than this...

Blouse - Madewell
Jeans - James Jeans
Shoes - Jimmy Choo
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - Forever 21

Friday, July 20, 2012

Guest Model - Maria

Maria and I have become fast friends - we have many things in common - but her easy going personality and friendly nature can make a friend of anyone. She recently told her sister and me that she is ready to start enjoying fashion and dressing with purpose again. Being a stay-at-home mom of two boys is full of tag, wrestling and baking but mom needs some girl time. Here's to Maria as she finds her inner "girl", she looks lovely as she starts her journey.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Maria chose to do some colour blocking and I think she did a fantastic job - coral, white and navy are perfect for the summer and the pieces are easy to switch up.

Skirt, blouse, sweater - J Crew Outlet

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mellow Yellow - Ann Taylor

I just have to continue with my Ann Taylor stash, just changed the pants this time (same blouse as yesterday, isn't it just fantastic). I'm just trying to prove how versatile my wardrobe is and how I can mix the vast majority of my pieces (more for my husband's sake then anyone else).

I had some fun with Photoshop for today's photos.

I just love this necklace - so big and fun.

Pants, Top & Necklace - Ann Taylor
Shoes - Jimmy Choo
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - The Bay

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Wear Shorts

It's true and I can hardly believe it. I've stuck to skirts and dresses the last several years and now I'm wearing shorts again. I even went further and purchased dressy shorts, the insanity.

When I was in NYC I hit Ann Taylor and picked up some great summer pieces, cannot wait for Ann to come to Canada...I hope the open one up in Sherway Gardens, Yorkdale is just so far...

I wore the outfit below when I went out to dinner with my best friend (who is getting married in November and I will be the Matron of Honour) and another friend. With the heat and humidity it was a great choice.

The outfit is so simple and easy that I knew I had to add bold accessories, I am wearing arm candy and statement necklaces. I just wanted to show that you could go for colour or some bling. It's all about the mood and place you are going.

Shorts - Ann Taylor
Top - Ann Taylor
Shoes - Jimmy Choo
Necklaces - Bitter Sweet, Ann Taylor
Bracelets - Bitter Sweet, The Bay, Forever 21
Watch - Michael Kors
Lipstick - Tutu Mac for National Ballet Diamond Gala

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I don't know...

The Banana Republic Trina Turk Tunic/Top is easy to pair with white jeans so I tried a green skirt - is it a FAIL? Not sure...
Did I get it right?
Not sure...
Any opinions?

Skirt - J Crew
Top - Banana Republic
Shoes - BCBG (old)
Necklace - LTS (old)
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - Forever 21, J Crew
Ring - Bitter Sweet

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Working Girl Wednesdays - Pink & Navy

I am enjoying mixing colours and pretending I have a job that pays me cash (I love being paid in kisses, hugs, scrapes, screaming and tantrums but it don't pay for shoes!).

I have finally purchased proper nude pumps, cannot wait to show them in future posts.

Blazer - J Crew
Skirt - J Crew
Blouse - Joe Fresh
Shoes - Naturalizer
Necklace - Banana Republic
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelet - Forever 21
Handbag - Louis Vuitton