Friday, March 30, 2012

Cell Phone Fashion - Why Not?

I used to hate cell phones. I never answered mine and only used it if I needed something. My husband and my sisters just gave up on me...then I got a smart phone and my world changed. I love my iPhone, cannot live without it. To show it how much I care I picked up three new covers at the Pacific Mall (the blue one was gifted). I know it has no feelings but if if did it would feel my love.

Why so many? My husband asked me the same question. At the Pacific Mall they are relatively cheap!! If you find one at a cell phone retailer for $40, I can probably find the same one or similar for $10 at Pacific Mall. They even have some for $3. Try and barter with staff if you are buying multiples. I love that mall!

You might have heard they have bootleg copies of DVDs and games and think everything is a fake, not so. Glasses and sunglasses are real and you cannot beat the prices. I don't shop anywhere else for those things.

Have a good weekend and next week I'm pretty sure all I'll be talking about is stripes.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rant - Dress Your Age

I don't feel 36 - all the time. On those good days I feel anywhere from 20 to 26 (I loved my 20s). On those caffeine highs I'll even say 16. Then I start listening to young women in that age group and then I KNOW that I'm not that young anymore. You know what else? I don't dress like them any more either because I can't and I won't.

Reality check - my body is not the same, I've added weight here, sagged over there, changed shape in this area etc, etc. When you have children your body changes, add breast feeding to the mix and it changes drastically in lots of parts forever. I'm okay with that...not really but I have no choice in the matter. I can fight against it tooth and nail and lose or I can accept the change and move on. I choose the latter.

Please don't send me comments or pictures of celebrities who've had kids and physically look the same and tell me they're fighting the aging process. They are using plastic surgery and fillers and Botox, usually at the same time. Good for them, they have the resources, I don't. However, I don't want to look permanently "surprised" and then pretend it's natural - that's what bothers me the most - the lying and saying its their genes. I'm not delusional, nor will I play into that game. Do not even get me started on how they "bounce back" after having kids. Back to my other rant...

So what does that mean? It means that if I'm wearing something strapless, like a dress, it hits around my knees. I don't wear mini anything anymore, but if I did, my arms would be covered (mini does not look good on me). If I'm highlighting one area I'm giving the other a break that night. Plus, I'm not letting the girls hang out with anything really low cut and I don't need to explain why to all you women.

Those cute tees with all those ironic sayings, cutsie animals or skulls and roses? Hell NO

Daisy Dukes? Really @!#$

Skater look? I drive a car

Juicy on my ass? It's big need for the funny commentary.

When it comes to skimpy/sexy/on trend clothing I am not competing with the 20 somethings, why? Because they will always win. Yes they will. I used to be in my twenties and I never appreciated my body until now. I could wear ill fitting things and look great, short skirts were my friends, bare midriff - no worries and the top was the main attraction (I mean my face...sort of)...oh how things have changed. If I wore any of these looks now, or worse combined them, I would not only look bad but I would be the joke. Nobody wants to be the joke.

My two favourite examples of women who should start dressing their age are Pamela Anderson and Mariah Carey. They are both in their 40s and delusional. Go and Google them, I'll wait...told you. Great style ages well and becomes admired. Who wants to dress like Pamela Anderson? She's the same age as Julia Roberts, I would rather have Julia's closet.

I'm not saying cover it all up and dress like a pioneer woman and not feel sexy. I'm saying LESS showing is a HELL of a lot better than MORE showing. We are supposed to be smarter as we age...please let's all be smarter together. Wear a fitted dress, a fantastic pencil skirt, tight and/or skinny jeans, a deep V-neck shirt or even some great shorts. Show off your curves, whatever size or shape, just do it with grace and class.

I'm more confident and a hell of a lot smarter now then in my early twenties. My wardrobe has grown with me and reflects who I am and who I'm becoming. I hate the vast majority of pictures I take even now, I've posted several that I dislike, but that's how I look and I'm okay with it. I'm not trying to capture who I was fifteen years ago, I'm trying to showcase who I am. That's what is so fantastic about your 30s and beyond. We know who we are and are stronger for that acceptance. I'm not fighting the aging and change. I'm embracing it and making it work. That's what I want for all women...even Pamela and Mariah.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mundane Mondays - Power Shopping

I am going to try something new - posting some easy dressing ideas and calling it Mundane Mondays. Easy things to wear when doing all that glam mom stuff...let me know what you think.

We had unseasonably warm weather during March break (and the following week) in south western Ontario. I was able to head to Windsor and get help from my family (two grandparents+two sisters+one brother-in-law = HEAVEN). While I was there we headed to Michigan and some fantastic shopping.

When the Galic sisters go shopping it is a marathon event so I needed to dress for 8 hours of fun (one hour break for dinner). We hit IKEA, three home stores, two malls (Fairlane and Somerset Collections) and street shopping in Royal Oak (I think it was Royal York). We are fast, efficient and we know what we like and need.

Dark blue skinny jeans and a navy top can be pretty plain, I added yellow shoes for a pop of colour and the scarf draws attention to my face. My face was very well rested this week, I had to give it some attention.

Since this shirt had slips I wore a white tank just for a little peek-a-boo of coverage. An orange, red or yellow tank would have been a nice touch as well.

Top - Cassis; Jeans - Adriano Goldschmied; Shoes - Tory Burch; Scarf - Gifted

I finally got the top I wanted at Anne Taylor, lusted over Louboutins (hell I even tried on three pairs) and spent some great time with my sisters. A wonderful March break for mom.

Friday, March 23, 2012

BBQ Dilemma - What To Wear?

My husband and I had some amazing BBQ last year in Syracuse, New York, at Dinosaur BBQ (my brother-in-law Andrija pushed us there). So if I get a whiff of another BBQ place close to where ever I am I HAVE to try it. Last month it was Smoke & Spice in Windsor - absolutely fantastic. I am very proud that Windsor has such a great place! When we got there they were out of pulled pork - so we were ordered Ribs and chicken wings which were outstanding. I want to go back for more and try the pulled pork and brisket.

This month my sisters and I headed north of the border to Detroit (Windsor is south of Detroit) to a restaurant called Slows Bar B Q. The pulled pork and brisket were to die for. They melted in your mouth and were so full of flavour. I liked the cornbread (southern style) my sisters did not. Southern style cornbread is not sweet, so I added lots of butter and it worked for me. The three of us ate so fast that our stomachs hurt. I preferred the ribs and beans at Smoke & Spice, and so did my youngest sister Rosie. Ana preferred the ribs at Slows. Great food wherever you go!

What to wear when going to BBQ? I am a messy eater and I love BBQ sauce so nothing fancy or silky (horrible stains that never come out).  So basics it was...with a hit of leopard print...every girl needs some leopard print.

Blazer - LTS, Jeans - Adriano Goldschmied, T-Shirt - Kersh, Necklace - Costco, Shoes - Steve Madden (Special thanks to my middle sister Ana for taking these pictures!). Everything besides the t-shirt is old.

To make a basic outfit special you need to add something interesting, I decided the shoes would be it. I knew that I could/would get my jeans or t-shirt dirty but the shoes would be safe. I was right...the jeans did not fare so stains though! I'll be wearing this outfit to go grocery shopping, Costco or doing drop offs and pick ups. It works very well for doing the mundane.

Looking at the picture I should have added some bracelets and/or even a more substantial time.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jewelry Storage

I love a well organized closet - walk-in or regular - with systems by IKEA, California Closet, Organized Interiors, Martha Stewart...whatever works. My husband and I have a bedroom closet system that worked so well that we put systems in our front hallway and basement closets. They allow for increased storage and just look so good.

Our walk-in closet is great, however, I am missing those great jewelry drawers (and can't add any) so my accessories are everywhere. Now I think I found the missing piece in Winners - a hanging jewelry organizer with 66 clear pockets. I can see everything and can mix and match a bit quicker. I'm halfway there in filling all those pockets! I would have preferred a different backdrop colour besides brown (hard do see everything) but it does the job.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maxi Dresses - LTS

I LOVE Maxi dresses. For me finding the right Maxi dress is like a treasure hunt because of the whole height thing but I did find one from (drum roll please)...Long Tall Sally!! As an aside they really need to change that name.

I think women of all shapes can wear maxi dresses, you just need to find the right fit. For my petite friends keep the lines simple, too much fabric or pattern it will overwhelm you and you don't want to look like you're playing dress up in mommy's clothes. For my big busted girls, pick a maxi dress with thick straps so you can wear a good supportive bra for your friends. For my tall sisters - maxi dresses are supposed to be long, not that awkward no man's land around mid calf, let's aim for the ankles! Mine hits the hits the fricken ground people!! Don't judge me on my excitement, this is a big deal, a very big deal for giants like me.

Anyway here are the pictures, there are a lot because it was very windy and hard to get a good shot plus I wanted to show you how difficult this whole fashion blogging is. See how dedicated I am. A little shout out to my baby sister Rosie for taking the photos and my daughter who was the assistant on this shoot (my daughter quit pretty early on because she was so bored, but at least she tried).

Dress - LTS (name change accomplished); Sandals - Michael Michael Kors; Bracelets - Coach, Gifted; Necklace - Costco (yes, Costco, check it out and get back to me); Earrings - Gifted

This dress would also look great with a long necklace, it would probably even look better with a long necklace.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kids Parties and Cardis

We go to a lot of kids birthday parties, my husband and I are tired of most them, the kids scream in excitement every time there is an invitation. There are a few kids parties we are excited to go to, that of close family and friends (my Godson turned 2, Happy Birthday Neven). Everyone enjoys celebrating another year of accomplishments for the birthday boy/girl, and the parents get to hang out with people they like!! Win, win for all.

I decided to wear one of my favourite Banana Republic pieces, the striped cardigan. I paired it with dark denim (Paige), a simple white top (Joe Fresh), red belt (Cassis) and some gold jewelry (Necklace Joe Fresh, Bracelet Coach old, Gift). Ready for a kids party, casual Friday at work or lunch with the girls.

Shoes - Tory Burch, Bag - Fendi

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Say Goodbye?

This thin sweater is something I picked up at Cassis and wore during, after, between pregnancies and I cannot seem to get rid of it. Sometimes saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do...the necklace is still great!

Sweater, tank, belt (all old) - Cassis; Jeans - Paige; Necklace - old, Long Tall Sally; Bag - Fendi

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Clubbing - Mom Style

Before I had kids I had a wardrobe that consisted of two categories
  1. Work Clothes - professional and conservative
  2. Going Out to the Club Clothes - not work appropriate, NOT Paris Hilton or Britney Spears no underwear and micro mini look, but still
Two separate closets for two separate lives. Okay, I had some lounge clothes and a few nice dresses for weddings, but honestly there was literally a line in my closet to differentiate these two wardrobes. When I was young and "clubbing," everything was black. Nobody wore any colour. I cannot believe I used to go out every weekend, it just sounds so ridiculous now, especially writing the word "clubbing".

Now I have a wardrobe that has better quality clothes, lots more colour and has several categories:
  1. Everyday Clothes
  2. Workout/lounge Clothes
  3. Pajamas - Ever since I bought pj's that are long enough for my legs this is my newest and favourite category
  4. Church Clothes/Croatian Banquet Clothes
  5. Husband Function Clothes
  6. Formal/Wedding Dresses
  7. Date Night/Girls Night clothes - this is the smallest category, and is the mom's version of club clothes
I went out last night and was very excited. I am part of a mother's group that has locations across the city of Toronto and we had our annual fundraiser (where I won a door prize and purchased an amazing silent auction item). My group was thirteen women strong, that means thirteen moms without any children! We had some wine and food, talked with women across the city, were entertained by stand-up comedians (all mothers) and had a fun night. It was a wonderful evening, we celebrated being women and being mothers.

I have a new babysitter and I made her take some pictures of me. The girl is amazing but she must think I'm a complete nutter. I know some of you think I'm crazy as well (don't worry I paid her really well so I think she's coming back). The full shot of me is very fuzzy but I just wanted to show you how I rocked four inch heels!! My feet hurt like a bitch at the end of the night and still this morning, so not sure if it was worth it. Here's what I wore:

Blazer - Banana Republic; Top - Cassis; Pants - Citizens of Humanity; Clutch - Marc by Marc Jacobs; Cuff - Joe Fresh; Shoes - Jimmy Choo

Friday, March 2, 2012

Shopping with Children - A Minefield of Fun

I have always taken my children shopping with me whether it be to the mall, grocery store, Costco, tile store or furniture. It's not because I am a saint or a masochist, it's because I have no choice and things need to get done. Because of this my older children know now how to wait around and make their own fun, most of the time. It's the two year old who is the real challenge. I really dislike the terrible 2/3's. I liken shopping with children to that of constantly running over a minefield. Eventually things are going to go terribly wrong. Since it's March Break I know that some of you will be taking your children shopping and I'm going to try and help.

There are a few techniques I employ to make the experience a little easier:
  1. Bring Snacks and Drinks - a child that is eating or drinking is more concerned with what they're putting in their mouth than what you are doing.
  2. Small toys - something that they can distract themselves with or play with in a change room
  3. Portable Game Players or Cel Phones with games - don't judge me. This is something I whip out when I have exhausted all options and I just need some time.
  4. Kid Time - malls usually have fountains or kids stores. For the little ones a pit stop to a fountain or a space to run around in is helpful (except when they don't want to leave and you are in a time crunch, play it by ear). Older children can be rewarded by hitting their stores like LEGO. I know that some will say they will keep harping on you to hurry up. I tell my kids if they ask about the store during the shopping part we don't go. Trust me we don't go so they follow the rules.
  5. Shopping with a another Mom - misery likes company. You can help each other out while shopping.
  6. ONLY FOR EXPERIENCED SHOPPERS: Skip the Change Room - When you've been shopping certain retailers and labels, there is a standard fit and 99% of the time the item will fit. Buy your items and try them at home. This will save you the time of change rooms etc and return items that don't fit properly when life is more serene or when you have someone to take the children.
Sometimes no matter what you do things are not going to end well. If I am in line to pay for something, and a tantrum is brewing, I stay until I've paid. Then I get the HELL out of Dodge. Or if I need to buy groceries I just ride out the tantrum. That's when strangers stare but I just keep trucking even though I hate every second of it. Other times I can sense that things are only going to get worse and I abandon all my plans and just go home. 

If you want to be free of the whole mall experience there is always online shopping. I have ordered the same item in multiple sizes because I was not sure which one would fit me then returned the one that didn't. I still prefer the mall but whatever works!