Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back to Reality - Blazers & Denim

No more soaring temperatures. Morning was nice and fresh and the afternoon has been beautiful, dressing accordingly.

I purchased a new tripod from Henry's so the pictures I take are/will be better! No more cheap tripod and 3 big toy buckets (the cheap tripod is not tall enough so I had to balance it on the toy buckets, professional is my middle name) outside trying to get a few decent shots. That in combination with the remote control timer has changed my blogging life.

I think this look could work for Casual Fridays at the office, just change the sandals for a nice nude pump or ballet flat.

When you are taking pictures with your two year old you don't catch the fact your bra straps are showing or that bit of stray hair...I need Ana or Rosie!!

Blazer - J Crew
Blouse - Collective Concepts (old from Puh-Nash)
Denim - Hudson
Handbag - Coach
Shoes - Cole Haan
Bracelets - Forever 21

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ann Taylor Skirt - Heat Wave is Over

So yesterday was supposed to be the last day of the May heat wave that hit southern Ontario. So (I think) this may be my last "heat wave" post. As Ann Taylor is coming to Toronto I decided to celebrate by showcasing my new skirt from there.

Like I stated yesterday I prefer to wear skirts or dresses when the summer weather hits. I couldn't resist a striped skirt, plus it has orange trim which does showcase the hottest colour of the season without overwhelming me. The length works for me as well.

It's hard to find good white t-shirts, trust me I've been looking. I don't want to spend a $100 because I have four children and I just don't want to spend $100. So I was extremely happy when I found this one at Banana Republic, plus it was on "promotion". I thought it was on sale but the sales woman corrected me and told me that it was on promotion.

The tee is a thick cotton and has some stretch in it. I will just have to see how it washes.

Thank you Costco for my new more left.

For my big busted friends this v-neck is flattering, it lengthens your neck and highlights the girls . Crew neck tees tend to cover them up without doing anything else, and I find that adds weight were it doesn't exist.

Skirt - Ann Taylor
T-shirt - Banana Republic
Wedges - Cole Haan
Watch - Michael Kors
Necklace - Gifted

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Heat Wave - Banana Republic Shorts

Its been hot in Toronto - I am wondering what happened to spring? I'm not the only one, the weather has become the top news story for many in Toronto and southwestern Ontario. I'm not complaining (it's supposed to end tomorrow) just enjoying the little gift we've been given.

This summer I'm going to try and enjoy wearing shorts. I don't know about you but I haven't enjoyed wearing shorts for a long time. I'm usually wearing Lululemon capri's when I'm with my kids or skirts and dresses. Shorts look so cute this year (and last year too) so I've decided I'm joining the fold. This last week has given me the opportunity to test out the trend. I like it...but am still not sure how many pairs I'll be purchasing.

Shorts - Banana Republic
Tank - Banana Republic (on sale now)
Layering tank - LTS (old)
Sandals - Michael Kors (old)
Watch - Michael Kors (old)
Ring - Ann Taylor
Sunglasses - Burberry (old)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ann Taylor is coming to Canada!!!

It has been confirmed that Ann Taylor is indeed expanding into Canada!! Toronto is the first city to be chosen for its international expansion and I am so excited...unless they screw us over price. Yes, pretty harsh words but that seems to happen to us Canadians. Don't want to hear about dollar this and shipping that. Coach is priced exactly the same in the US as it is in Canada - that's right Coach. If I need a decent handbag I'll buy coach before J Crew or Michael Kors. J Crew is fleecing us with shipping and pricing, Michael Kors just pricing I think, and don't get me started on William Sonoma. I usually buy my items from these retailers in the US because of that. I know my pricing and buy accordingly.

I wrote on the Ann Taylor Facebook page about my excitement of them coming up north but implored them to be kind to their Canadian consumers. Please let Ann Taylor know you don't like being fleeced!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

That's what I think of when I see these pictures. Honestly, nothing could be further from the truth but I do like to look the part, just in case...This is what I wore for the 38th Annual Canadian Croatian Folklore Festival held in Windsor. Life has come to a complete 360, my sisters and I were all performers, so was my husband and his siblings. Now my children carry on the tradition (not to mention the fact that my husband and I met at a Festival held in Hamilton many years ago), as do the children of many of my close friends, including my Goddaughter Iva and her little sister Nives.

This tunic is a couple of years old at least, I purchased it after I had my third or fourth child (I honestly cannot remember) at a Brooks Brothers Outlet store. It is one of those all purpose pieces, after having a child or not, where you just look put together. I used to consider this my "bouncing back" outfit, still looks good today.

Adding accessories completes the look...again with the navy and gold...I am looking pretty nautical as well.

One more thing - I could have worn yellow, red, green or even orange shoes if I wanted that pop of colour. Or for something more subdued - a dark brown.

Tunic - Brooks Brothers
Jeans - Hudson
Shoes - Cole Haan
Handbag - Louis Vuitton
Bracelets - Forever 21, Gifted, Coach
Ring - Ann Taylor

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guest Model - Jodie Part 2

When Jodie and I went shopping we found this amazing blazer from Zara. I thought the colour, Navy Blue, was perfect for her and knew it would be versatile. When I came over to do the shoot I wanted to show her how many tops and colours she could easily wear with this blazer. Today we are only featuring 3, you get the idea...

Jodie wanted to know about jewelry with this outfit. I told her that she could add the ring with its purple centre and it would not be competing with the yellow. It compliments it quite nicely.

Blazer - Zara
Jeans - Paige Denim
Shoes - Nine West
Yellow Top - Puh-Nash
Green Top - Banana Republic
Purple Top - Femme de Carriere

Monday, May 21, 2012

Guest Model - Jodie

Every Wednesday morning I have the pleasure of being part of the most amazing and supportive mother's group - MumVet. If you are interested in being a member this September and live in the Toronto area (or close by) click here. I've made many friends and forged some that will be long lasting. One such friendship is with a woman named Jodie, super mother of two beautiful girls.

She agreed to do a guest model spot and I will be featuring her today and tomorrow.

The weather has been amazing in Toronto, so why the pants and blazer? Mornings have been a bit cool so the blazer is easy to shed as the day gets warmer.

Blazer - Drykorn (Puh-Nash)
Shirt - Mexx
Pants - Paige
Shoes - Nine West
Jewelry - Gifted

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nicole Miller Dress

On May 4th my husband was MC at the 10th Annual Business Excellence Awards for the Croatian Canadian Chamber of Commerce (that is a mouthful).

What to wear...cobalt blue Nicole Miller dress. All that ruching is a girl's best the right pair of Spanx. Can't beat the combination.

Batman was not happy to join me in this picture. It's tough fighting crime and then being forced to take a cheezy picture with your mom.

I thought this nail colour would be a bright but subtle pink. I got the bright part right. I do enjoy the colour though.

My husband picked out this necklace for me while we were on a trip to Montreal. It does weigh a lot, got my neck muscles working for this one. Worth it!

Thanks to my photographer - Rosie!!

Dress - Nicole Miller
Necklace - Judith & Charles (old)
Purse - Marc Jacob (old)
Shoes - Prada (old)
Nails - Gelish Carnaval Hangover

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mint Blouse - Pink Martini

I am enjoying the pastel trend so much so that I really want to buy some pastel jeans - I just can't find any with a higher rise (or thick fabric). My sister Ana told me Top Shop but I have not found the time to go. Anyone else having this problem?

Trying on the low rise ones has taught me to go up a few sizes so I'm not showing off my puckers and dimples. Still wanting to honour the pastel trend I've purchased a mint green blouse by Pink Martini. Just love it!

My husband had a casual evening work function and I wore the blouse and paired it with dark denim skinnies (big shock I know). Doing a pastel top is easier then a pastel bottom. Everything else I'm wearing is several years old (beside the necklace...more on that later), I didn't have to purchase anything new to go with the top.

Honestly, how fun are the leopard shoes with this outfit? I could have easily done black or even nude but leopard is unexpected and it works.

Now back to the necklace that is not on my neck. On my left hand I am wearing a Joe Fresh necklace as a bracelet that I just wrapped around a couple of times (thanks for the idea Ana). 

I decided to do all gold as the accessories. I could have a added a few silver bracelets as well. Metallics work as neutrals.

White blazers seem impractical but with this blouse it allows that to be the focus. Black can be harsh against pastels, where white brings it into spring and summer.

Blazer - Cassis (old)
Blouse - Pink Martini
Jeans - Paige (old)
Shoes - Stuart Weitzman (old)
Purse - Marc Jacob (old)
Belt - Tory Burch (old)
Bracelets - Coach (old), gifted, Joe Fresh (necklace, worn as bracelet on left hand)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BCBG Teal Jumpsuit

I love jumpsuits (with alterations this was long enough) and I could not resist this colour. They had this great pair of mustard satin heels that worked beautifully with this outfit but I just could not justify buying shoes to wear with one outfit. Plus satin...I could not do it. 10 years ago I would not have thought twice about it.

Elasticized belts were too tight on me, this belt sits at my waist and then falls away, covering instead of highlighting.

I chose neutral accessories because I would get more use of them. Black did nothing against this colour. If you really want to make an impact mustard yellow or the right shade of purple (with a pink undertone) would have made this jumpsuit more fun. I figured it's my birthday so I added all the fun.

Love the hidden chain strap on this purse. Clutches are great but sometimes you need your hands free.

Jumpsuit - BCBG
Blazer - Cassis
Belt - BCBG
Purse - Michael Kors
Shoes - Jimmy Choo
Bracelets - Coach, gifted (on right), Forever 21 (on left)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Nautical - J Crew Navy Blazer & Green Skirt

In one of my first posts I talked about how much I love nautical...well I channeled that love for my mother's day outfit this past Sunday. I took a striped t-shirt from Joe Fresh and built a fun outfit around it. The best part was the hit of colour with the green skirt.

On Saturday I celebrated my 37th birthday, so this weekend was very busy, full of family and friends. I have decided that for this week I am featuring outfits that any birthday woman would want to wear - go out to dinner in, have some drinks and celebrate getting better with age. Enjoy!

Don't have a green skirt? Try red, yellow or a khaki skirt. Pants in any of these colours work as well. 

I really love navy for that reason, it allows colour to really shine. Moreover, black can be harsh against our skin (especially as we age), where navy softens everything. Bobbi Brown has a great navy eyeshadow that I use as a liner instead of black. It looks fantastic

For my petite friends - or anyone who wants to look taller - a nude shoes just elongates the leg and gives us extra height. I could have worn a brown shoe (like the colour of my hand bag), but these shoes just disappear and draw the eye up to the outfit.

The gold buttons and gold hardware just showcase the gold jewelry even better.

This is how I roll ladies - black Chrysler minivan! Wouldn't have it any other way.

Blazer & Skirt - J Crew
Shirt - Joe Fresh
Shoes - Jimmy Choo
Bag - Coach
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - Coach, gifted, The Bay

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Don't Cry for Me Argentina - Last Day Zara Blazer, H&M Peplum Top

I could not resist the cheesy title. It's what I wore on my last evening in Buenos Aires...until next time...

What I should have worn touring through the city, not just a sweater and button down - 
Coat & Bag - Burberry
Scarf - Winners
Gloves - Roots

Blazer - Zara
Top - H&M
Jeans - Rich & Skinny
Belt - Tory Burch
Shoes - Cole Haan

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Argentinian BBQ - Black, White & Denim...Again

I have been featuring a lot of denim lately...bare with me. I have had every intention of mixing it up...and just haven't. Even on this trip I brought three different coloured pants plus a pair of black trousers and I always go back to jeans. I also wore dresses or skirts every night I was in Chile, but only have one good picture from the wedding I was able to showcase for the blog. What I'm trying to say is I can do more than jeans but haven't lately so please be patient with me.

Back to this post and jeans...One of Ivan's colleagues took us to a local Argentinian BBQ restaurant, La Brigada, where one of their claims to fame is that the servers cut meat with their spoons...I don't know how they can do it so expertly but I was impressed. Steak was great and so was the empenada and baked provolone appetizer.

I sort of recycled my Slow's BBQ outfit look (click here for a refresher). La Brigada is a local favourite and the atmosphere is casual and the beef was excellent. If you love soccer, you will enjoy the decor. The entire restaurant is covered with jersey's, team scarves and pictures of soccer players from around the world. My husband was in heaven.

I know the pictures are not the best...hotel lobby carpet really clashes with my shoes...

And here's the food and decor pics...

 Ivan and his friend Leo.

Blazer - Banana Republic (old)
Blouse - Zara
Denim - Rich & Skinny (old)
Scarf - Winners
Shoes - Steve Madden (old)
Wristlet - Coach (old)