Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Boyfriends Back...Jeans That Is

Today has been a very casual day. I've been running around doing very adult things - getting ready for the end of RRSP season. My inner child died a little because of me having written that. My brother-in-law Kevin took some pictures of me last weekend and I happened to be wearing the same thing today minus the heels - I wore booties and socks.

Kevin was a photographer in the Canadian Military and served in the Combat Camera division. He has been to many places and seen atrocities most could only imagine. On the flip side Kevin's also traveled to the Canadian far north and visited places like India.  Could two places be more different? Poor guy got stuck taking my picture and trying to help me manage Photo Shop. I also forced him into giving me some free photography lessons.

Now that Kevin has entered civilian life he's started his own photo studio called Kaptured Memories. I've added his Facebook page link here.

Sweater, Shirt - Ann Taylor (old)
Jeans - The Gap
Shoes - Stone Ridge (REALLY OLD)
Necklace - Bitter Sweet
Bracelets - F21


  1. Hi Iva! Yet another FBU girl who totally rocks her boyfriend's - looking fantastic in this post. Great photos too....obviously! Ah, the difference a good photographer makes...wish Kevin was a bit closer to me too. Good luck to him with his new business. Avril x

    1. I am green with envy over all the wonderful posts. I really want to come to the next one.

  2. Casual-chic look, beautiful mom and great photographer!!
    I am civilian but work in an international military environment and have a lot of Canadian friends in the military.

    Lady of Style

  3. beautiful...love your shoes

  4. Great look and photos!

  5. aww you look so good! it is a simple outfit but love the leopard touch!

  6. Fantastic photos. You look fab. And yes, you'll definitely have to come to the next FBU meet-up. It would be fabulous to meet you .. and I know you'd have a blast!

  7. Love those photos. And your boyfriend jeans. They look so fab on you.

  8. You're totally rocking those boyfriends Iva!! great photos too.

  9. Very cute! And I love the photos.

  10. Love the title of your post! Boyfriend jeans are my true and trusted friends:)! I could always count on them! Love this look! Casual chic!

  11. I've been searching for perfect boyfriend jeans - came here via SchoolGateStyle - and LOVE yours. So cute with your shoes too, leopard print lasts forever!

    Sara at BelfastBeautyLove xx