Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The 90s Called

So I answered, and honoured them by wearing all black. Who remembers wearing all black when going out? Going to Le Chateau or Costa Blanca (that was the place when you were visiting from Windsor and in Toronto) and picking out that perfect black dress, black skirt, black pants or black top with the right black shoes or black boots? Just flip through your old photos and count how many people were in colour? Crazy! Then every salon, restaurant and clothing store carried the trend and made their staff dress in all black. The poor Goths, all us "happy" people were stealing their signature colour.

So after I paid homage to THE trend of the 90s I decided to add some colour using this fun beaded necklace. There was not enough texture in the outfit to leave the jewelry neutral.

It's all about this necklace. I love this necklace. It also comes in fuchsia.

I have had lots of people stop me and ask where I got it. When I answer they look at me in disbelief. I really enjoy that.

This top is so simple that it showcases jewelry perfectly. It may still be available online.

Top - Ann Taylor, Pants - Joe Fresh, Shoes - Jimmy Choo, Bracelets - Coach (old), Gifted
Necklace - Avon

Yup Avon.

It is very substantial and looks fantastic, a good friend of mine ordered one for herself after seeing mine.

Here's my Avon Lady's e-mail address - avonadvantage@rogers.com. Just tell her I sent you.

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