Thursday, April 5, 2012

This is Me

"Peplum - Short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket, blouse or dress" 

This is my favourite new trend. Why? Because to me it says "feminine", and I love being a woman.  The overskirt detail highlights the smallest part of me and hides any overhang that birthing four children has resulted in. What's not to love?

This blouse also hits another trend polka dots, plus, I enjoy a red, white and blue colour combo. 

Another great thing is I paired this blouse with red denim...thinking about my green pants too...maybe too much...I do have white...then there are the skirt options...

I feel pretty and that's another reason why I love peplum.

I wore a big chunky necklace because the top has a small pattern and needed some contrast, a small necklace would have been lost.

My youngest just fell over in his little play car. I am trying not to make a big deal of it...Okay I am lying... I am trying not to laugh at him.

Blouse - H&M, Pants - Joe Fresh, Necklace - Joe Fresh, Shoes - BCBG (old)

This outfit captures who I am, I know it sounds bizarre but don't we all have a few favourite outfits that we feel the most like ourselves in? This is me.

The best thing about this outfit is that the pants, blouse and necklace combined cost less than the shoes...honestly!

I forgot the time...


  1. Love the outfit! The peplum shirt is so pretty.

  2. Love this shirt...must purchase!