Monday, August 27, 2012

Smythe Blazer

Today is the first of five posts showcasing some of my favourite looks from Carriage Trade Boutique. Why do I love Carriage Trade? The obvious reason is the clothing - great selection of fashionable clothing. The best reason is the service, the sales staff is all about service. They can outfit you for a casual dinner with friends or power lunch for work. Since we know the only power lunch I take is with my two and a half year old I am focusing on casual looks. Some of these pieces can be added to your work wardrobe and make it more versatile. If had had more disposable income I'd be disposing of it at Carriage Trade!

I love Smythe blazers, to me they are epitome of what blazers should do for you - make you look fabulous. Such a simple answer, the reason they are so wonderful is because they are cut to enhance a woman's frame and the fabrics they use are durable and lay perfectly. They are an investment piece - with prices starting at $500. I promise they are worth every penny. Did I forget to mention that Smythe is Canadian? It really is craftsmanship you are paying for.

I am wearing J Brand pants that are made out of a scuba like material. Way too much fun to wear!

This jacket is cut like a riding coat, comes in at the waist and covers the bum. Please remember ladies that this blazer is not meant to be tight around your waist - Why you may ask? This blazer should last you into winter. Hear me out, you can put a nice sweater (Autumn Cashmere or any cashmere, knit etc) under this blazer and wear it during those cold times. I am not saying you'll be walking around the neighbourhood but what about when you going to the mall? Who wants to wear their winter coat? Smythe blazer and sweater works much better, you will not be over-heated and carrying the winter coat (plus all your kids stuff) around. That's how I wore mine last winter.

Enjoying the leather patches on the arms and shoulder. 

Another trend that is still strong is lace - expect to see it for skirts and dresses again.

This outfit would work with flats or a great pair of riding boots. Honestly all I would need is some stables and I would be the perfect "English Lady".

This entire outfit (except for shoes) was sourced from Carriage Trade.
Blazer - Smythe
Pants - J Brand
Blouse - Joie
Necklace - Carriage Trade (name not available at this time)
Shoes - Jimmy Choo


  1. This outfit is just gorgeous and perfect for Fall! I don't own a Smythe blazer but would really love to one day. You can totally tell it's awesome quality, even from your pictures. They are truly pieces you'll have for a lifetime.

    xo Jenny

  2. I love your blazer!

  3. gorgeous!


  4. You look gorgeous,love the blazer

  5. I love that blazer. Gorgeous outfit.


  6. Great blazer! This is such a good look, I love it!

    <3 Josephine

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    PS. that blazer REALLY makes you look fab =)

  8. What a gorgeous jacket! I love the shape of it, and I love the top you paired it with. Together they really accentuate your waste, which is something I have difficulty doing when I'm wearing a jacket like that. But then again, I don't get to practice much in Miami. Our coldest winter temperatures rarely drop below 48 degrees Farenheit, which is actually REALLY COLD for us, since we're accustomed to regular 80-90 degree days. In 2010 the season's lowest temperature was somewhere in the 30's! It was such a nice year! Water would freeze overnight and it even snowed in Orlando! No joke!

    Haha sorry for blabbling on about it. I just really wish we could wear beautiful winter clothing. Some of us try, but we often get stares. One time at a movie theater I had a man actually look at me and say, "Geez, it's not Chicago ya know." Can you believe that?? The audacity!


    1. That is hilarious! They weather is starting to cool down so most of my posts will be just for fun for you Nathy.

  9. Lol! Thanks! I'll definitely be looking forward to that. I'll live vicariously through you.

  10. Hvala na lijepom javljanju!
    Prekrasan blog & outfit, definitivno, Ĩista petica!
    Lijep pozdrav iz Dalmacije,

  11. hey! very nice outfit! thanks for your comment and yes, we shall follow each other! (:

  12. That jacket is amazing ! Love how you paired it with feminine details !
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  14. You look AMAZING! I love, love, love those pants. One very chic mom!

  15. Gosh, I love this look. I was actually looking into buying a Smythe blazer last year but for whatever reason didn't get my mitts on one at the end. Maybe this season.

  16. You look so beautiful!
    Wonderful outfit, in total our blog is just perfect!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Ally O

  17. Wow, this blazer is incredible! I can definitely see how it's worth the money, it looks like the best quality.

  18. I love that blazer! I'm a such a sucker for anything with elbow patches!!!


  19. thank you very much for sharing the information ... god bless you

  20. I love the look of this blazer. I love the look and feel of good womens knit sweaters. I live in them all winter long. With all of the cold weather we get in the northeast, I just bought some new ones from Burlington Coat Factory. I love their great prices, and they have an incredible selection to pick from.

  21. I love everything about this outfit. So classy.

    I looked into Smythe blazers just no but they don't really carry them in my size. Oh well... I'm bummed but will just have to admire them on you. :)

  22. Ummm.. are you the cutest mom ever? Yes, I think so! I LOVE those leggings - need to get them STAT. Found you via the Real Girl Glam linkup.
    Nikki at