Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cool Down - Tanks & Cropped Denim

I can feel it cooling down, so can the rest of the city and I'm a little sad. There are only two months of summer here in Toronto and I'm greedy when it comes to summer weather. I don't want a single second of it to be affected by any funny business, no weird wind change that brings us cold weather or the ocean floors deciding they also want to mess up my summer. Fall is inevitable I still try to ignore the signs.

So what do I do, I wear my yellow jeans - there take that. I'm wearing the sun. These pants just make me happy, clothing should have that affect on us, it should make us feel happy/empowered/sexy/pretty/preppy. If your clothing is making you feel ugly/frumpy (work uniforms are excluded)/sad (unless there are sad times)/old - take it all off and burn it. I mean it, burn it all.

This outfit is so easy, I wore it to Costco, shopping, banking and for my lunch date with my friend Ana. I received more compliments wearing this ensemble then anything else I can remember this summer.

I really enjoy the necklace with the yellow accent stones. It looks great with the coloured denim, but not too much try. Just a bit of thought. Plus I love the leopard accent belt, I know I've been wearing it to death but don't care.

Denim - Ann Taylor
Tank - Cassis (old)
Sandals & Watch - Michael Kors (old)
Necklaces - Banana Republic
Bracelets - Forever 21, Stella & Dot


  1. You look great...and I think you got so many compliments on it because the best outfits are the ones that look this one ;)
    Love the "sun" pants.

  2. Perfect outfit: simple but stylish :)
    love it

    WhiteCloset Fashion Blog

  3. OK SUPER cute!!

    Love it


  4. Such a great look! Alas we are waiting for our summer here in San Francisco..

  5. I wish the Ana u met for lunch was me : ( You look great Iva!!!

  6. I like the combo of those sunny pants and the shiny necklace. gold and yellow look fab together!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. I love your jewelry. It's stylish! Of course, I follow you back! Your blog is very nice:)
    Have a nice day.

  8. I love those jeans - you have really put me in the mind of getting some. Have been keeping an eye out in the sales! A lovely idea to 'wear the summer' before it fades for good. Avril x
    School Gate Style