Friday, June 14, 2013

Google Nexus 7 32GB - Tablet Review. Great Gift for Dad

I want to start this post by stating that I have never owned my own computer. I can't believe in this day and age that I can write this about myself, especially given the line of work I do. There is obviously a family computer in my house (that is really my husband's work computer) that I use for my blog. My husband also has an iPad that he uses for work instead of a laptop. He loves his iPad and is rarely without it close by, he has learned to master all it has to offer. I've used it a few times but since he casually snatches it from me whenever he "needs" it I have not become attached to his piece of technology. I see tablets everywhere and see how valuable they are, so when asked me to review the Nexus 7 tablet I was ecstatic - my very own tablet/computer. I wouldn't have to share with anyone because it would be MINE.

I've been using it for a month and a half so I can say with certainty that I know my tablet and I really do love it. Here, let me count the ways:

1. Easy set up - I opened the manual, followed the prompts and was off. No confusing tech talk, straight forward layman terms manual.

2. Uses a USB Charging Unit - no expensive accessories.

3. Great Customer Service - I had an issue trying to set up a credit card to purchase apps. Within a half an hour a live service rep called me and tried to fix my problem (it was early evening and I really didn't think anyone would get back to me that night). She couldn't fix my problem, through no fault of her own and she couldn't explain why. I honestly didn't mind because she tried and tried and so I just used another card. The lovely girl on the other end told me she would investigate the issue and get back to me. I totally forgot about it, she did not, I received an email a few weeks later with an answer.

4. Notification Tray - its also referred to as the hub and it is the BEST feature on the tablet. It alerts me to all notifications for e-mail and any of the social media features I use. Someone liked my Instagram photo? I am notified. One of my tweets was retweeted by Rainbow Sun Francks or favourited by Ennis Esmer or Craig Olejnik (all are actors from "The Listener", one of my favourite shows and it's Canadian) it lets me know. I have a new like on Facebook? Yes, it shows up in my notification tray. This is the main reason I put my phone away and use my tablet. I don't need to check all the apps to see if anything is going on related to my social media apps.

5. Great App choices - I am not a big app person. Everything I needed was available so I'm not complaining.

6. Easily fits into my hand - I thought I would find it too small. A month and a half in and I think it is the perfect fit and don't feel the need to purchase a bigger one.

7. Library Feature - all my books and magazines are located in one easy screen and I can bring everything up. Love the fact I had e-magazines from Canadian Living, Chatelaine and Fashion Magazine. I also downloaded some great classic books.

8. Quick Settings - Everything that I need to operate my tablet is available in top right corner of the tablet. Settings, brightness, airplane mode. Easy to find.

As with everything there are a few things that should be improved and for me it was only the camera feature. It doesn't flip like an iPad and the picture quality is poor. To be fair I haven't seen any tablet with good picture quality.

For me this tablet is a BUY. On the tablet retails for $199.99 and I think would make a great Father's Day gift. If you do buy this for dad buy him a screen protector. It shows finger prints and drove me crazy. I bought one right away.

Now I am trying to find a real pretty case, because honestly did you not expect that from me? Choices are non-existent. I purchased a basic black case from Staples store but it's blah. Please amp up the accessories choices, if not for me, for all the other women out there who want something pretty and not black tech boring. I did spy a purple leather case Danier is offering in the fall but I don't want to wait that long.

I hope everyone has a great Father's Day weekend.

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