Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Simply Styled

In Toronto the heat is blistering, with humidity it's around 39 C (or 100 F). I don't need the chambray shirt outside. The issue is the air conditioning in most buildings, it is so cold I need to keep it in my shopping bag so I don't freeze to death. Plus it all looks very cute together and I wanted to show you how simple it was to style this look. I wore it out to dinner with a friend last night (sans the chambray and with a few more pieces of jewelry). We had a nice casual dinner on a patio and enjoyed the heat. That's what many people don't realize about Canadian summers - they are HOT...just like the people ;)

Chambray Shirt, The Gap (tall). Tee, Banana Republic (old). Skirt, Old Navy. Bag, c/o Ecco Canada. Flip Flops, Tory Burch (old). Watch, Michael Kors (old). Sunglasses, Burberry (old).

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  1. Canadian summers are indeed HOT. It's been so warm on the East Coast too! Loving the simple look - adding chambray to a look always looks great!

    Bold Subtlety

  2. OMG ... and to think we're complaining about heat over this side of the pond!! Nothing compared to how hot it is there. Really cute outfit, by the way:)

  3. I have that same skirt. I styled it the same way. I think it is one of my new favorites

  4. Very nice relaxed look. I especially love that skirt!
    Hannah x

  5. Love this. I wear my chambray shirt over everything. Sometimes it does feel silly since it has been CRAZY hot this week but like you said as soon as you are in AC it totally works.

  6. Love the skirt. And I am with you...what is with the AC on super high everywhere? I literally froze in Walmart a few weeks ago and it wasn't even that hot out.

  7. Don't you just look fab! Skirt is gorgeous and it suits you so well.