Monday, July 22, 2013

What's in a Name..."Falling in Style"

I have been blogging here for about a year and a half and this started as a fun little distraction from the everyday. "One Chic Mom" was just my attempt to help friends get out of yoga pants and sweat shirts and embrace their bodies and style. It was selfish and vain and fun and MINE. I didn't know that blogging could be so much more, that I could make it so much more. So it is with mixed emotion that I let all of my great readers know that I am moving my blog to a new domain and it will be called "Falling in Style". I've already changed my name on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Some of you have noticed and now you will find out why.

Most of you are thinking "Why the name change?". The honest truth is that I was getting pigeon holed into something that I'm not and was being passed up for opportunities that I wanted and would have been a good fit for. I'm hoping this will open doors for me and let marketers/PR companies/organizations know that I'm a good fit for their next project. I've done my research and everyone who've I've talked to told me to make the change so here I am sort of starting over again.

The aesthetic of my new blog will mirror my own and be everything I need/want. It will be home. I'm working with ohksocialmedia.

Why "Falling in Style"? Well it was hard to find a blog name that I loved, that was me and wasn't taken. This new name resonated with me specifically because the two times I've appeared on TV as a spokesperson I've been "falling with style" and managed to pick myself up and persevere. You'll have to wait for the full stories when the new blog launches. I also have visions a la Mad Men of me falling off a skyscraper in a beautiful dress falling gracefully and surviving. Someone else compared it to the phrase "falling in love" and I like that as well.

Now to what I'm wearing...

Shorts & Shoes, Joe Fresh. Blouse, LOFT. Handbag, Coach (old). Necklace, c/o Cocoa's Jewelry (sold out, similar idea here). Bracelet, Ann Taylor. Watch, Michael Kors (old).

I'm becoming obsessed with twitter again and looking for new followers and for new people to follow. Let me know @IvaGrbesic

I'm Co-Hosting the "Way We Wear Shorts". Some really great idea.

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  1. Congrats on your new project Iva, wishing you the best of luck . I am very curious about the new lay out !!

    XX Luba

    Pairing today comfy shorts with elegant striped blazer, awesome shoes and vintage bag

  2. Love the shorts! Will be following you at your new domain. My twitter: @TheSublimeTimes
    Hannah x

  3. Looking forward to seeing the new blog - it will be fab!

  4. Good luck with the move and the name change, I've just revamped my blog and changed the just didn't represent me anymore. Looking forward to seeing more!!

  5. I like the change! If I could change my domain trust me I would - i think i attempted to once and it went really wrong. :/

  6. Congrats Iva! And continued good luck.
    Being honest...I thought it was a bit of a Buzz Lightyear reference also since you have 3 boys + are a mama first and foremost.
    Cheers to falling in style! xo

  7. Love the new name!!!
    xo Emma
    *** Stella & Dot Giveaway on the blog***

  8. Good for you Iva! I changed my name last year and I'm so glad I did! This is definitely the right step for you and I hope it opens many more doors and opportunities! Can't wait to see the new design too! Love those shorts and ankle strap heels!