Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Python Leather Skirt - OMG Love it!

So yesterday I was telling you how I'm a fancy dresser and this post is how I would dress if I had a fancy job (or what I'll be wearing to functions that call for business attire with my husband, church or Croatian Folklore Banquets). I'm not saying that leather python skirts are appropriate everywhere but let me tell you I would try and make it a staple! If you're afraid of leather J Crew has a very similar pencil skirt in wool (I think) and it's on sale. When I was at Yorkdale Mall they had lots of them. Maybe the python skirt isn't catching on...

I went very neutral with this look, just felt it would showcase the skirt and you'd see the great pattern and texture. This skirt was featured on Cityline and styled by my favourite stylist Lynn Spence, with a black top. When she told me (okay she was telling everyone in television world but I felt she was speaking directly to me) it was on sale I said SOLD! Apparently they are doing a black version for winter (this is the summer version which I think translates great into fall).

I am totally channeling my inner CEO poses. I'm not comfortable taking pictures of myself and do a lot of the same thing so I'm really posing hard in this post.

One thing about leather skirts, make sure they are snug. Leather stretches and if you buy a skirt or pants that are just right, it will stretch until it's just wrong.

The blouse and skirt are manufactured by Canadian companies - Danier and Judith & Charles. So happy to be featuring Canadian brands.

Skirt - Danier
Blouse - Judith & Charles
Shoes - Christian Louboutin
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - Ann Taylor, Stella & Dot


  1. Ooh Lala! Hot mama:)!! I must the python skirt!!

  2. Nice look!!!

  3. wow... what a gorgeous outfit! that pencil skirt looks amazing!


  4. Replies
    1. Gemma I wore them out last night and they are dinner shoes - you wear them when you go out for dinner, walk to and from the restaurant and nothing else. I couldn't feel my feet!

  5. Iva... I LOVE the skirt!!! How about wearing it with your mint blouse?

  6. Love it. Very sexy and sophisticated!

  7. You're stunning and should never feel uncomfortable being photgraphed! You're so phogenic! Love the look

  8. I am in love with that skirt! I think this color is perfect for the fall too!! It looks so fantastic on you!

  9. WOW! what a beautiful skirt great chic outfit like always ;-)


  10. What a classic look! Love! The python print really kicks in up a notch and adds interest. Nice job!

  11. Love this skirt Iva, great classic look. It is something you could pair with boots and a sweater too and get a totally different vibe.

  12. I LOVE this outfit! You look hot but still work appropriate!


  13. You look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Honestly, this skirt is fabulous and soooo versatile!!
    Love your whole look and of course, those Louboutins are simply fabulous ;)

  14. You have the look and the pose of a CEO! ^_^ Great outfit you have here I love the skirt. ^_^


  15. I saw someone else wearing this skirt too and it's amazing! Now I am going to have to and find it! It looks amazing on you! Very chic!

  16. Love the skirt. Honestly? You can't even tell it's leather. Perfection.
    And guess who I saw at Banana Republic in Newmarket {don't ask} a while back? Lynn Spence. I didn't see her at first but heard her voice across the store and knew immediately that it was her. I had to say hello!

    1. I saw her at Shops on Don Mills 2 years ago and totally pounced on her. Love her!