Monday, October 22, 2012

Mundane Monday's - Black & Grey

I'd like to start today's post by thanking everyone for their kind words from Friday's post especially Sue and The Flaky Fashionista for making me feel better about my cooking skills.

Last week lots of things went wrong, when I wrote the post late Thursday evening I didn't realize there could be more things that could go wrong. On Friday I treated myself to a mani/pedi where the manicurist cut me with the nail file (she wasn't paying attention because the place was too busy), she literally filed off several layers of skin and I screamed in pain and it started to bleed (and it still hurts). Moreover, my appointment was supposed to be an hour but took two and a half so I couldn't finish all of my errands that day or go to Ministry of Transportation (please keep reading for why that was so important). The kicker was getting a ticket for letting the sticker (licence plate renewal) on my minivan expire. The van is in my husbands name but I drive it. Neither one of us remember anything coming in the mail back in April/May to let us know it was up for renewal (it expired in June, how come we didn't notice sooner?). I was pulled over by a minivan full of police officers, they were very nice but I was in shock! I would like to say that Sunday was an amazing day so I think I'm going to have a better week - knock on wood.

Today's post is nice and easy, that's how I need this week to's to Monday and a great week for all of us.

The wind really likes me. I keep on getting these "glamour shot" type pictures and I can't stop posting them.

Sweater - Costco (old - they carry these cashmere sweaters every year and they are softer then my expensive Velvet cashmere sweater that I have)
Shirt - Ann Taylor (old)
Jeans - J Brand (old)
Shoes - Tory Burch (old)
Necklace - F21
Bracelet - Stella & Dot
Watch - Michael Kors


  1. Ouch....that sounds so painful:/. Hope this week has pleasant surprises in store for more fabulous glamour shots;)! This outfit has a nice chic touch Iva!

  2. so sorry about friday being such a crap day! here's hoping this week is better!

    xx amy
    leopard and lillies

  3. Iva - you're most welcome. It's lovely reading and getting to know bloggers and their little foibles and you can tell when people are down and if a few words help then I am more than happy to make you feel better. But I truly am not a very good cook and I have actually been banned from cooking certain meals as they have been so disastrous. However, I am a very good shopper and we can't be good at all things can we?

    I like today's look - simple, clean and not try too hard but classically you. This is how you do casual best. And I love supermarket cashmere - a couple of my favourite cashmere jumpers have been my cheap and cheerfuls. It's the more expensive ones which have been the let down. And it's nice to know you are feeling better this week.

  4. Ahhh Iva, I hope you get a nice easy week. We started off our long weekend on friday morning (around 3:30 am) getting pulled over by the cops. Why? Because my husband almost cut him off. It was totally his fault but a second police car came out of nowhere, so when he saw it in the far right lane he thought it was safe to change lanes. Moral? Always check your blindspot!! Anyways I thought it was the gateway to disaster but no more tickets and a fun time in NY State with family. Hope your weeks is calm and easy!!

  5. Here is too a better week!
    Can you believe I got a parking ticket while on my walk for ALS..I mean seriously..everyone was parked there Case there were no spots!!!!
    sheree xxx

  6. Hope that this week turns out a bit better for you! I love this outfit - I really struggle with layering shirts under sweaters because it just leaves me really bulky looking, so I admire those women that can pull it off effortlessly.

    1. I never layered before but have stepped out of my comfort zone. I'll be doing more layering this week.

  7. We all have those days! {or weeks}
    Dying to know what you tried to cook?? lol.

    1. I made a cheddar & bacon pasta. I used the wrong cheddar and it was horrible. My kids all hated it, my daughter saw the potential and wants me to try it again. My husband didn't even try it, he said it couldn't be that bad and I just threw it into the green bin. I will try it again, just need to find the right cheddar.