Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy Came and Went, She is NOT Very Nice

Sandy is wreaking havoc on the East coast of the U.S. and Canada. While I am writing this there are 6000 people without power in the city of Toronto. There is a lot of rain and high winds and I'm afraid to go to bed. There are trees all around me and I'm afraid one will crash on my house. I better knock on wood. Okay did it and now I'm back.

Last week the ladies of Carriage Trade told me to come on over and try on their beautiful clothing and jewelry for upcoming posts. I love that store and the best part is I get to wear their beautiful pieces and my husband doesn't freak out because our credit card statement stays reasonable because I don't have to buy anything. But I'm just wondering if there isn't a party or two I could wear this dress too...damn beautiful clothing at Carriage Trade...

Not sure if you noticed but I went back to my roots (literally). I like to go dark in the fall/winter seasons. It's only hair and I can dye it back in a month. I didn't think like this when I was in high school. As a young woman your hair was a big deal! It's still a big deal, we all talk about good hair days and bad hair days. I would never have dyed my hair on a whim or cut off that much length when I was younger. Now I'll take more risk. I won't be sporting a short crop, only because I wore my hair like that in my early twenties and it's not my best look. 

There was one Croatian girl I grew up with who had the guts to do whatever she wanted with her hair - her name was Alison and she was fierce. Honestly she would have blond hair my length and then come to kolo practice with black spiky hair. I never knew what she was going to do next and I was always in awe of the fact she just did it. How many high school girls did you know who would do that?

I love that I can play with the ruching of this dress. Just move the folds to cover the areas you want to hide. I know you can't hide too much but that's what body slimmers are for, non?

Who needs a little black dress? Purple will do!

Dress - Nicole Miller
Necklace - Carriage Trade
Shoes - Christian Louboutin


  1. YOu look fabulous Iva ! Love the color of the dress !

    XX Luba

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  2. You might need to change the name of your blog to: "One Hot Mom"!!! So gorgeous, seriously. Glad you guys are safe after the horrible storm. Love your hair too... it's a soft and very flattering tone! ~Sarah

  3. wow - what a dress, you look stunning

  4. Great to hear you guys are ok after Sandy…scary times. My sis in law is on holidays in NYC so we've been really scared for her too. Not much of a holiday?! Love that dress - you totally rock it! Husband must buy for you asap! xxx

  5. Gorgeous dress! Love it on you. Hope all well over there. Marie S

  6. Love that dress..the color is perfect on you!
    I have a similar deal with a local store..so much fun to pick out stuff right?
    Sheree xx

  7. The dress is incredible. I love the vibrant color. Suits you perfectly.

  8. that color is just stunning on you!

  9. Glad to hear you are OK. The photos and TV reports from east Coast are shocking.

  10. Phew Phew <----that is me whistling! looking good!! :-)

  11. You look great in purple and I am glad to hear you and the family are all safe from sandy

  12. This color looks GREAT on you! So beautiful for the fall. And it pops very nicely with your cute autumn background.

    Honestly, hurricanes for us down in Florida are seldom a big deal. Even the scary ones we're sort of used to, and very prepared for. So my heart goes out to you and everyone else affected in the east coast. It's a very scary thing to have to go through, especially if you're unaccustomed to it. It's best to just sleep through it.

    And tornadoes and snowstorms? I don't know how anyone can deal with those! They freak me out.


  13. LOVE this dress - the color is GORG!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  14. So sad and scary! Glad to hear you guys are safe. On a happier note....you look absolutely stunning Iva! That dress is perfect and the color really compliments you!

  15. First thing's first - good thing to know you and your family are alright.

    The colour on the dress is stunning and will make people look twice. I know a LBD is classic but in a sea of LBD's, the purple one will be the one that stands out and I was thinking how gorgeous were the shoes and then I saw the credits - Louboutins - well no wonder they are gorgeous. I want your shoes. That's it.

  16. You really rock that dress...and true who needs a little black dress when you look so amazing in a purple one. Love the look. The shoes and necklace perfect for the dress. Amazing....

  17. Iva ... love this dress on you! All your pieces you put together are so gorgeous on you and I just love all of your looks!