Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chunky Knits & Banana Republic

I've been glued to my television trying to understand the tragedy in Sandy Hook. I've prayed and mourned for the families affected and have been hugging my children tight. Everything else has seemed so trivial. Life will get back to normal especially with the Christmas holiday season in full swing, however, a piece of the American nation has changed.

Just updating the blog with these pictures from my blog swap with Ana from The Suburban Peasant

These necklaces are designed and created by my friend Maya from Urge to Splurge. Maya graciously gifted the eternity necklace to me and I just had to have the aqua one. I really love how delicate Maya’s pieces are and how I can wear them with everything.

Sweater/Cardigan– Banana Republic (old)
Denim – Paige Denim (old)
Blouse – Joe Fresh
Booties – The Gap
Belt – Cassis (old)
Necklaces – Urge to Splurge
Handbag - Coach


  1. With you on the Sandy Hook killings - my kids have gotten away with so much this weekend and I just can't stop hugging them. So hard to comprehend and I wasn't sure how to mention or refer to on the blog. You've done it so appropriately and perfectly here. xx

    1. Thanks Avril for the kind words. I did not know how to discuss Sandy Hook, it is so tragic.

    2. Yet I could not ignore what happened. I needed to say something about a tragedy we've all witnessed and been shaken by. I thought about the families when I wrote this.

  2. It's almost too much to take in; such a horrific tragedy. I cannot begin to imagine what those parents and families are going through. All we can do is pray and as you say, hug our children tight to us. Helen x

  3. I too am glued to the news. I don't have kids but it's horrible to watch.

  4. Just hearing the news since the Sandy Hooks killings gives me chills and makes me super paranoid about the safety of my son. When I picked him up Friday(their school was in lockdown due to what happened in CT), I hug him so tight and told him I am so happy to see him and I love him very much. I thought about those families, pray and pray for them. Anyway, i love that sweater... I want it.


  5. Just found out that you have 4 (!!) kids. And you look this stunning. Totally with you there about the shooting. My heart skipped a beat when I imagine how I would feel about losing my own child. The devastation. My heart goes out to those parents who are suffering.

  6. Iva, these necklaces look amazing on you, as does everything you wear.
    I wanted to let your readers know that Urge to Splurge offers free shipping within Canada and I also do custom orders, just convo me on at my shop site

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  7. Loving the sweater (sad to see that it is old!). The sleeves and tie detail are fabulous!

    I too have not really known how to process the events of last friday. I hate seeing the media play it over and over for their benefit, but on the flip side I don't want us to forget about it too quickly!

  8. Excellent article calling for something to be done about the way the US deals with mental illness, if anyone is interested:

    It went viral, and I'm so glad. The conversation has been purely about gun control, but not enough about dealing with mental illness.

  9. I love this look...very beautiful, chic and perfect for any day.
    Your friend's design is very classic...I love simple jewelry like that.