Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maxi Dresses - LTS

I LOVE Maxi dresses. For me finding the right Maxi dress is like a treasure hunt because of the whole height thing but I did find one from (drum roll please)...Long Tall Sally!! As an aside they really need to change that name.

I think women of all shapes can wear maxi dresses, you just need to find the right fit. For my petite friends keep the lines simple, too much fabric or pattern it will overwhelm you and you don't want to look like you're playing dress up in mommy's clothes. For my big busted girls, pick a maxi dress with thick straps so you can wear a good supportive bra for your friends. For my tall sisters - maxi dresses are supposed to be long, not that awkward no man's land around mid calf, let's aim for the ankles! Mine hits the ground...it hits the fricken ground people!! Don't judge me on my excitement, this is a big deal, a very big deal for giants like me.

Anyway here are the pictures, there are a lot because it was very windy and hard to get a good shot plus I wanted to show you how difficult this whole fashion blogging is. See how dedicated I am. A little shout out to my baby sister Rosie for taking the photos and my daughter who was the assistant on this shoot (my daughter quit pretty early on because she was so bored, but at least she tried).

Dress - LTS (name change accomplished); Sandals - Michael Michael Kors; Bracelets - Coach, Gifted; Necklace - Costco (yes, Costco, check it out and get back to me); Earrings - Gifted

This dress would also look great with a long necklace, it would probably even look better with a long necklace.

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