Friday, March 30, 2012

Cell Phone Fashion - Why Not?

I used to hate cell phones. I never answered mine and only used it if I needed something. My husband and my sisters just gave up on me...then I got a smart phone and my world changed. I love my iPhone, cannot live without it. To show it how much I care I picked up three new covers at the Pacific Mall (the blue one was gifted). I know it has no feelings but if if did it would feel my love.

Why so many? My husband asked me the same question. At the Pacific Mall they are relatively cheap!! If you find one at a cell phone retailer for $40, I can probably find the same one or similar for $10 at Pacific Mall. They even have some for $3. Try and barter with staff if you are buying multiples. I love that mall!

You might have heard they have bootleg copies of DVDs and games and think everything is a fake, not so. Glasses and sunglasses are real and you cannot beat the prices. I don't shop anywhere else for those things.

Have a good weekend and next week I'm pretty sure all I'll be talking about is stripes.

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