Friday, March 23, 2012

BBQ Dilemma - What To Wear?

My husband and I had some amazing BBQ last year in Syracuse, New York, at Dinosaur BBQ (my brother-in-law Andrija pushed us there). So if I get a whiff of another BBQ place close to where ever I am I HAVE to try it. Last month it was Smoke & Spice in Windsor - absolutely fantastic. I am very proud that Windsor has such a great place! When we got there they were out of pulled pork - so we were ordered Ribs and chicken wings which were outstanding. I want to go back for more and try the pulled pork and brisket.

This month my sisters and I headed north of the border to Detroit (Windsor is south of Detroit) to a restaurant called Slows Bar B Q. The pulled pork and brisket were to die for. They melted in your mouth and were so full of flavour. I liked the cornbread (southern style) my sisters did not. Southern style cornbread is not sweet, so I added lots of butter and it worked for me. The three of us ate so fast that our stomachs hurt. I preferred the ribs and beans at Smoke & Spice, and so did my youngest sister Rosie. Ana preferred the ribs at Slows. Great food wherever you go!

What to wear when going to BBQ? I am a messy eater and I love BBQ sauce so nothing fancy or silky (horrible stains that never come out).  So basics it was...with a hit of leopard print...every girl needs some leopard print.

Blazer - LTS, Jeans - Adriano Goldschmied, T-Shirt - Kersh, Necklace - Costco, Shoes - Steve Madden (Special thanks to my middle sister Ana for taking these pictures!). Everything besides the t-shirt is old.

To make a basic outfit special you need to add something interesting, I decided the shoes would be it. I knew that I could/would get my jeans or t-shirt dirty but the shoes would be safe. I was right...the jeans did not fare so stains though! I'll be wearing this outfit to go grocery shopping, Costco or doing drop offs and pick ups. It works very well for doing the mundane.

Looking at the picture I should have added some bracelets and/or even a more substantial time.

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