Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rant - Dress Your Age

I don't feel 36 - all the time. On those good days I feel anywhere from 20 to 26 (I loved my 20s). On those caffeine highs I'll even say 16. Then I start listening to young women in that age group and then I KNOW that I'm not that young anymore. You know what else? I don't dress like them any more either because I can't and I won't.

Reality check - my body is not the same, I've added weight here, sagged over there, changed shape in this area etc, etc. When you have children your body changes, add breast feeding to the mix and it changes drastically in lots of parts forever. I'm okay with that...not really but I have no choice in the matter. I can fight against it tooth and nail and lose or I can accept the change and move on. I choose the latter.

Please don't send me comments or pictures of celebrities who've had kids and physically look the same and tell me they're fighting the aging process. They are using plastic surgery and fillers and Botox, usually at the same time. Good for them, they have the resources, I don't. However, I don't want to look permanently "surprised" and then pretend it's natural - that's what bothers me the most - the lying and saying its their genes. I'm not delusional, nor will I play into that game. Do not even get me started on how they "bounce back" after having kids. Back to my other rant...

So what does that mean? It means that if I'm wearing something strapless, like a dress, it hits around my knees. I don't wear mini anything anymore, but if I did, my arms would be covered (mini does not look good on me). If I'm highlighting one area I'm giving the other a break that night. Plus, I'm not letting the girls hang out with anything really low cut and I don't need to explain why to all you women.

Those cute tees with all those ironic sayings, cutsie animals or skulls and roses? Hell NO

Daisy Dukes? Really @!#$

Skater look? I drive a car

Juicy on my ass? It's big enough...no need for the funny commentary.

When it comes to skimpy/sexy/on trend clothing I am not competing with the 20 somethings, why? Because they will always win. Yes they will. I used to be in my twenties and I never appreciated my body until now. I could wear ill fitting things and look great, short skirts were my friends, bare midriff - no worries and the top was the main attraction (I mean my face...sort of)...oh how things have changed. If I wore any of these looks now, or worse combined them, I would not only look bad but I would be the joke. Nobody wants to be the joke.

My two favourite examples of women who should start dressing their age are Pamela Anderson and Mariah Carey. They are both in their 40s and delusional. Go and Google them, I'll wait...told you. Great style ages well and becomes admired. Who wants to dress like Pamela Anderson? She's the same age as Julia Roberts, I would rather have Julia's closet.

I'm not saying cover it all up and dress like a pioneer woman and not feel sexy. I'm saying LESS showing is a HELL of a lot better than MORE showing. We are supposed to be smarter as we age...please let's all be smarter together. Wear a fitted dress, a fantastic pencil skirt, tight and/or skinny jeans, a deep V-neck shirt or even some great shorts. Show off your curves, whatever size or shape, just do it with grace and class.

I'm more confident and a hell of a lot smarter now then in my early twenties. My wardrobe has grown with me and reflects who I am and who I'm becoming. I hate the vast majority of pictures I take even now, I've posted several that I dislike, but that's how I look and I'm okay with it. I'm not trying to capture who I was fifteen years ago, I'm trying to showcase who I am. That's what is so fantastic about your 30s and beyond. We know who we are and are stronger for that acceptance. I'm not fighting the aging and change. I'm embracing it and making it work. That's what I want for all women...even Pamela and Mariah.

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  1. I'm so with you on this! Well said! I'm almost 40 (39 just around the corner to be exact) and I cringe and laugh (both internally) at the sight of these women who DON't dress age-appropriate. But, more power to them. I won't judge, just chuckle to myself is all. LOL