Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Python Blouse

I got this blouse from Joe Fresh. It was a gift, very much appreciated, except it stayed in my closet the entire summer because I forgot about it. When I finally remembered to find it I wore it when I took the kids to their swimming lessons. Honestly ladies, where else am I going to wear it? Meaning I love the blouse but my social/work schedule is not very varied. I was talking to my friend Jen (during the lesson) and trying to tell her how casual I was that day...she looked at me (not believing a word) and said "Iva you're always fancy". I'm a fancy dresser, even when I try and do casual. I just am.  Even in my Lululemons I don't look as casual and relaxed as the woman next to me (or so I've been told, I don't even now how I accomplish that).

So here's me all fancy wearing my python blouse and my favourite black jeans...

In honour of all the amazing coloured denim that is out there I also decided to pair this blouse with blue jeans. Any burgundy denim would be just as pretty.

My tall girls know that right now I am sporting the TALL GIRL CROP. This happens when regular jeans are not long enough and sort of look funny at the bottom so you cuff them to make them look normal on you and they automatically end up cropped. Even though the pants weren't meant to be cropped. The sales girl will also add that with a boot you'll look normal. Cannot wait to solve this problem when I receive my coloured Yoga Jeans.

Blouse & Blue Denim - Joe Fresh
Black Jeans - Second Denim Co.
Red Belt - Cassis (old)
Black Belt - Ann Taylor (old)
Flats - Tory Burch (old)
Heels - Jimmy Choo
Bracelets - Stella & Dot
Gold Ring - Coco's Jewellry


  1. Love that blouse, and the second look really makes the most of it!

    1. I totally agree, the blue brings out the pattern.

  2. Amazing blouse! Love it! Xx


  3. Gorgeous look, love the shirt

  4. Great blouse - I must get some of my blouses out these days - such a smart look. Love how it works so well with the coloured denim also! Hope you have a great day Iva, Avril x

  5. I love the new blouse. I am almost always 'fancy' wherever I go too. I almost never wear jeans. People always tell me I'm never casual!

  6. Pretty blouse, and those pointy toed heels are gorgeous!

  7. Look great on you!!! Love the part about the tall girl crop.. hahaa.. that's the same for us short girls on the capris.. turns into just regular length. ;)

    xo - Sheila


  8. Ja sam definitivno casual tip, i jako se 'bojim'(haha) svecanih kosulja, na tebi stvarno sve lijepo stoji. Koliko si visoka? Ja sam 180 cm i ovdje u Engleskoj imam problema naci dugacke hlace (skoro sam stalno u hlacama).

    1. Ja sam isto oko 180. Je tesko nac lace. Ja znam da Long Tall Sally ima hlace. Jeans je sada lakse nac. Ja volim James Jeans i Yoga Jeans. U 11 misec ja cu imat giveaway za jeans od Yoga Jeans. Neznam di mozes ic u Engleskoj. Mozes pitat Blogger Kristina. Ona pise na Kiki's Parlour i zive u Engleskoj.

      I hope that was helpful. I label all my pants that I wear. It's hard being tall.

  9. I can't believe you didn't wear this shirt sooner, its so pretty! I like it more with the blue pants, great look.


  10. LOVE that blouse! It's definitely something I would wear too!

  11. Great look! Love the blouse.

  12. love the blouse and love how you styled it for the first look

    xx amy
    Leopard and Lillies

  13. Lol!! I know all too well about the tall girl crop...and you know what, it looks great ;)
    Love this python print blouse!!!
    And you're right...with burgundy pants it would look amazing!!!
    Kudos to you for being a fancy dresser...in a world where everyone would like to take the easy way out (read: sweatpants and t-shirts) you take the time to make yourself look fab...and you always do ;)

  14. wow!! Helllooooo python! looks great on you!


  15. This top is great...you can wear it with everything even a skirt!

  16. How tall are you?!
    I will help you do casual. Come on over! I am the queen of casual. ;)

    1. Just a bit shy of six feet. You'll have to teach me!