Friday, September 28, 2012

Fancy Python Pants

My husband does not like my python pants, he can tolerate them much more than a maxi skirt, but not his favourite look. He says they are loud, I say they are fun. My daughter got a pair of python pants as part of her back to school stash (hers are a sand colouring like my leather python skirt), he was not impressed. My husband is a good sport about me posting his fashion likes and dislikes. We all have our things.

These pants are fun for me, I wanted to dress them up and this blazer is the best way to do it. I figured I may as well use my clothing as much as possible, especially if the pieces are classic and easily intermixed.

When I saw these pictures I didn't like the booties with the outfit. I wanted to try something different. It just cut me all wrong. So I ended up disliking the way I styled the outfit. I should have added a pair of coloured heels or flats.

Liking the outfit even less when I see the above and below picture. Plus when you are taking pictures of yourself you miss things like in the picture below. Can you spot what's wrong?

I changed out the blouse and added lots of pearls and put my pointy Choo's on and I felt all better.

I honestly think you could wear this outfit to work and go out for drinks with friends right after. For me I'll just take my kids to a swimming lesson in this outfit. Or maybe a date night, it's been a while.

One more thing, please vote for me! I am trying to be one of the 25 Top Canadian Mom Bloggers. I am under the tab of pending blogs.

Denim - CJ by Cookie Johnson
Blouse - 1st Judith & Charles (old), 2nd Ann Taylor (old)
 Belts - 1st Tory Burch (old), 2nd Ann Taylor (old)
Necklaces - Gold F 21, Pearls Le Chateau (old)
Booties - Coach (old)
Shoes - Jimmy Choo (old)
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - Stella & Dot, The Bay


  1. I agree most men dont like animal prints. My husband doesnt dislike it but neither likes it too. i love the second choice of shoes, its perfect for work to after-work drinks. it's business casual. i super love the trousers, very chic!

  2. aww really cool pants :)

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  3. I agree! Those pointy pumps are the way to go! The outfit looks fabulous. My husband isn't a big fan of animal print in general, but I wear it anyways. Sometimes we have to overrule our husbands when it comes to fashion :) These pants look great on you!

  4. Great outfit - I'm just loving that blazer. Funny enough, I liked the boots with it also - maybe because it's so cold over here now and I can't bear to get the feet out anymore! Have a lovely weekend Iva, Avril x

  5. found u thru the mom's monday mingle on the naptime review blog and now follow! xo!

  6. The last pics are definitely the best..good change of shoes.
    I cannot believe your husband doesn't like those pants..they are hot on you...conservative????!
    Sheree xxx

  7. I definitely agree with you...the change of shoes was a big improvement...the whole outfit is not loud at all, actually.
    It's pretty chic and classy...with a little bit of edge because of the python but nothing that would be considered over the top.

  8. LOVE the outfit - but if you wanted a pop of color - you could just add a colored clutch!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  9. I love the pants and the choo heels if i say it correctly. I like it better than the boots.

    I follow you. Do you mind to follow back? :)

  10. Hi! I have just found your blog via Avril at SGS. Loving your blog! Will no doubt become a regular reader. (ps I was another of the bloggers in the Daily Mail article)

  11. Ha ha, don't listen to him because they look fabulous on you!!! The colour actually makes the print pretty subtle. Love those great necklaces!!

    xo Jenny

  12. I really love your pants ^^

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  13. Tuck in that Tory Burch belt girl! ;)
    And can I just say? I love the booties up top with those pants. I have a very similar pair and they are cut the same way : I've learned to love them for that reason.