Friday, September 21, 2012

Seeing Double - From School Gate Style

I want to have everything on my blog so I am posting my content from School Gate Style. If you haven't already go say hi to Avril and just tell her Iva sent you. Sorry to disappoint, not a new post!

Meet Iva – Blog Swap with One Chic Mom

Hi everyone, I’m Iva (pronounced Eva) from One Chic Mom and I’m very excited that Avril and I are trading spaces for this blog swap. I am a stay at home mom who lives in Toronto with my husband Ivan (no not a typo) and our four children (some will say I’m brave others will say I’m crazy, you’re both right) who blogs about mom fashion in my spare time. My wardrobe is a mixed bag, like me; there are affordable pieces with splurge items sprinkled around. The one thing I know about myself is that when I put some effort into my appearance I automatically feel better  – and the outside world responds as well.

I’m putting my best foot, outfit and face forward for today’s post and featuring what I wore to TIFF – Toronto International Film Festival. I was lucky enough to be able to see a few movies and what I’ve noticed about moviegoers at this festival is they are putting their fashion on.

I wanted to wear something fun and sparkly – the stars were in town – but I was taking the subway downtown and theatres tend to be cool so I knew I was wearing a blazer. I get cold easily. My colour scheme quickly became white, black and gold. Basic and easy, however, it is classic and fashionable.

Accessories simply became about the arm candy. With a sequence tank I didn’t want to wear a necklace that would compete with it. People routinely ask me about mixing metallics – you can do it because they are neutrals. I tend to wear lots of gold, then I throw in a few pieces that are either silver or rose gold or a dark gun metal (like in the picture below) to break up the yellow. One of my favourite purchases has to be the Stella & Dot bracelet. Thanks Mirjana!

This outfit could easily be worn out for dinner and drinks or out to the club…not that I remember the club but I’m pretty sure you can wear this…

Blazer – Cassis (old)
Tank – Joe Fresh
Denim – Second Skin Denim
Bracelets – Stella & Dot, Ann Taylor, The Bay
Shoes - Jimmy Choo

My every day style is not as flashy and if you follow me on my blog you’ll see that I’m much more casual in my every day. Hope I’ve inspired you next time you’re going out for a fun night.

Thank you to Avril for making this blog swap happen now get over to One Chic Mom to see what Avril is wearing!


  1. Love your outfit!! :)

    xo - Sheila

  2. sviđa mi se outfit....uvijek praktičan i elegantan


  3. Hi! the bracelets are really, really good!
    And you look amazing, I can't believe that you have 4 kids!
    a BiG kiss!

  4. One of my favorite looks on you!!
    I love the gold top and the rest of the outfit is simply classic!!

  5. Great outfit! Love the sequin top and bracelets!

  6. Hi, I'm here from the Monday Mingle. I'll admit, I'm not really into fashion, but you look great, and so does your blog!

  7. New follower and glad I found you. I have been looking for good mom fashion blogs.

  8. Iva, you look beautiful and sophisticated! You can never go wrong with gold sequins! And love the hairstyle! =-)