Friday, April 26, 2013

A Little Pink Dress - Big Changes

I'm always preaching about stepping out of your comfort zone and mixing colours and trying dresses and skirts and having fun and blah blah blah. I'm taking my own advice today. I ordered this dress online from Gap because it's a very different silhouette then what I'm used to. I'm more of a structured dresser with a defined waist who's skirts and dresses end up around the knee. This dress is shorter then what I'm used to and it's a fuller skirt. I like things to go straight down. Anyway, not sure how I feel about it. Loved it when I put it on and took the pictures. Now that I see the pictures not sure if I'm sold on it. Maybe because my legs are that perfect shade of pasty white? This blog is about fashion, we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously.

So should it stay or should it go?

I am sure about one thing this necklace.

Jacket & Dress, The Gap. Necklace & Bracelets, c/o Cocoa Jewelry. Flip Flops, Tkees. Sunglasses, Rayban.

If you have some time I would love your help with a contest I am in. Salsa Jeans put out a call to 50 bloggers worldwide and I was one of the 50, to show off how their Salsa Jeans. I would love to be in the top 15. I'm one of the oldest bloggers and I'm pretty sure I have the most kids so I'd like to have a strong showing. Please vote here.

If you haven't entered the Cocoa Jewelry giveaway there is still time. You can get extra entries by tweeting or adding a blog comment. Good Luck and have a great weekend.

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  1. I love the colour of the dress, I love the shape of the dress and I don't think it's too short. However, because you have such long legs (you lucky thing) they probably do need to have a bit more colour to really set off the dress. So just slap on a bit of tinted moisturiser or some false tan and it will be perfect. And you're right about the necklace - gorgeous!

  2. I love it - the colour of the dress against the denim is just heavenly.
    For a day dress this is great - it actually could be jazzed up with heels or with tights and court shoes?

    I'd keep it - you look amazing

  3. I like the look. A little too short for my fat legs but looks good on you. Mary-Ann

  4. You look amaaaazing dear!
    Have a fabulous weekend ahead!

  5. I think it is really cute!! But that is the type of dress I would pick for the summer because it is so easy to wear to the park and run around in. You know that I am much shorter so it would probably hit me closer to the knee but still fun for hot days when you don't want to wear short shorts. Save the structure for more formal events - this is great for a regular day ;)

    1. I am going to keep it. This style is usually WAY to short for me. Now that there are more tall options I can venture into these new silhouettes.

  6. The dress is really cute. If its not a dress for everyday events it would be great for the beach or a pool party.
    The color is so vibrant and looks wonderful on you.

  7. Gorgeous with the flats - get those great pins on show and they'll soon change color:) x

  8. I'm 100% sold! I love this dress on you! I like things on the shorter side haha, so I may not be the best judge of character. But, nonetheless, it looks gorgeous on you! I love how you paired it with the denim jacket! I say YaY for stepping out of our comfort zone!