Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Transition and Purges

I honestly wasn't sure I would be able to write about transitioning my winter to spring wardrobe because of the weather we've been having in southern Ontario. Just when I thought warmer weather was in the forecast we were hit with an ice storm. Any way, it seems like Mother Nature is finally in the mood for sunshine. I obliged her by packing up all my chunky sweaters, dark chords, heavy coats and blazers and bringing out lighter knits, brighter blazers, light denim, skirts, maxi dresses and spring coats. I keep my dark blue and black denim on hand as well as basic skirts and dresses that are a medium weight. I tend to wear those pieces up until the summer heat makes its appearance. This outfit is a perfect balance of winter/fall basics (black jeans and basic stilettos) and combining new spring pieces (bright blazer and sheer blouse in a colourful pattern).

Spring is always about bringing out the brighter or lighter colours and appreciating the thaw of snow and sunshine on my face. The mornings can still be cool and harder to dress for. I find the best way to combat the colder mornings during this transition is just to layer - add a spring coat to my blazer and blouse combination. This allows me to shed the coat in the afternoon. 

Another question I get asked is how to purge your closet. That can be a big tricky, however, here are a few easy things to do:

1. If you have holes, runs, pulls, stains or fabric is pilling get rid of it. Why take up valuable space in your closet for things that most likely just look horrible. I will have some people talk about gardening clothes etc. Fine keep one or two work clothes, get rid or everything else.
2. If you haven't worn it in a year or more donate it. There are a few exceptions (like pregnancy or sickness) but for the most part that means it doesn't fit or the piece is dated. There's a reason you are not wearing it. I don't want to hear "It was expensive I can't get rid of it". Sure you can, buy something that fits and looks better.
3. Articles of clothing that are dated like 80s power suits and MC Hammer harem pants. All joking aside this one may be harder to figure out, I say ask a friend to help with this one or take a picture of you in the article and ask me. I love to purge and friends ask me to help them all the time.
4. Anything from a junior store. Example, if you are wearing t-shirts that a teenager or tween would love from stores like Aeropostale pack it up. The cut is not for women, nor is the store, we're not seventeen anymore and why try to re-claim that time in our lives when it is never going to happen? This includes any type of clothing with writing on our behinds. No Juicy track suits please. Moreover, things from these stores just age you and make you look like you're trying too hard.

I hope this helps.

Blazer & Blouse - c/o Smart Set 
Denim - Adriano Goldschmied 
Shoes - Jimmy Choo
Bracelets - c/o Cocoa Jewelry
Watch, Michael Kors


  1. Such an elegant look, loving the bracelets

  2. Great tips.. some items in my closet are hard to part with.. too sentimental :)
    Looking great in that beautiful shades of blue!


  3. Very ladylike, yet modern, I love this look!

    Lady of Style

  4. Drat and rumbled. I'll have to stop shopping in the kiddies section then!

  5. Just did my purging yesterday. My favourite organization to donate professional work clothes is www.dressforsuccess.org. Besides their location in Toronto, you can find locations throughout the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and even in Mexico City.

  6. Big round of applause re the Aeropostale comment .. couldn't agree more! I did a major wardrobe purge a few weeks ago and felt so much better afterwards:)
    As always, you look lovely!

  7. Great advice! Particularly the 'no writing on the behind". Got a chuckle out of this....I think that applies to ALL ages!

  8. I love your bracelets! I definitely have items I need to purge out of my closet. Great advice!