Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monochromatic - I'm Seeing Blue

When I venture into the monochromatic look I make sure that whatever colour I decide to wear that the hues are the same tone. Let me explain, when I mix my reds I make sure that they have a blue undertone and not the orange of a tomato red, or if I wear yellow I wear lemon yellow instead of shades of mustard. If you're having difficulty the easiest way to visualize colours of the same tone is to look at a colour wheel. You can purchase them at any craft stores and they will help you with monochromatic looks or mixing colours (great for interior design, scrapbooking, party planning for colour schemes...I digress). 

Now that Spring seems to be with us (I hope I didn't jinx us) I'll be wearing more dresses. I love blue - especially Navy and Cobalt. The two were easy to mix - navy dress & cobalt coat that have deep undertones. In photos the colours look to be exact and matching coat/dress or skirt/coats are very retro and reminiscent of the 50s & 60s. I could see Joan, Betty or Peggy wearing this outfit. I wore it to my children's First Communion and Jadran's Croatian Canadian Folklore banquet (where my 3 oldest children performed). The dress is really kid friendly and stays in place (had a little incident with a v-neck cross over dress). Fabric is pretty thick so it doesn't show anything. You know how much I hate pucker/cellulite peering through fabrics.

This is a very high neckline which made accessories easy, I decided to do a chunky cuff. 

Dress, Talbots. Coat, H&M. Shoes, Christian Louboutin. Cuff, Cocoa Jewelry. Clutch, Coach. Sunglasses Burberry

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  1. This outfit has a mod 60's vibe to it. It's very Jackie Kennedy. Love it!

  2. Fabulous, Nathyness is right - so Jackie. Just add the pillbox hat!
    You did well with the accessories. Very stylish!

    Lady of Style
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  3. I love a high neckline too! SO much easier to accessorize! Speaking of accessories...loved the ones you paired with this chic/mod look!

  4. WOW you look absolutely stunning - I love that blue
    I also have serious hair envy!

  5. Snap on the serious hair envy! Love this outfit. The coat is magnificent on you!

  6. Blus is my colour of the moment so I Love this! Your shoes are amazing too Iva, they don't look like they show too much toe cleavage which most Louboutins do.

    1. I wore them to church for the First Communion and was holding my 3 year old during the majority of the mass and my feet hated me!.

  7. Great outfit - stunning on you. You suit blue so well. x

  8. Love this colour on you! Looking FAB and CHIC as always!!!

    I hope I win! I am obsessed with Cocoa Jewelry!


  9. We've talked about this before but I LOVE this shade of blue right now. And the cuff is a great touch.

  10. Looking so classy dear! I'm ur new follower on fb, gfc and bloglovin. I would love if you follow me back :) kisses