Friday, April 19, 2013

The Canadian Tuxedo & a Favour

According to the Urban Dictionary the definition for a Canadian Tuxedo is:

Made popular by the movie Super Troopers when the Sergeant appears wearing a denim jacket with a pair of jeans (could be matching or not).
You see someone wearing jeans and a jean jacket..."Hey Denim DAN, nice Canadian Tuxedo"

The definition has expanded to any denim on denim type outfit. The Canadian Tuxedo goes through periods of "in fashion" followed by a periods of "fashion death". Just depends on which way the wind is blowing. As you can probably guess it's making a fashion comeback and since I am Canadian I love it.

On Tuesday I had lunch with a girlfriend at a lovely (posh) restaurant - the regulars are Bay St. Boys and Ladies Who Lunch. That's what I wore on yesterdays post here. My reasoning with the chambray blouse was my children have swimming lessons after school and I know lunch is going to go later then expected and I still had to pick up my youngest, get home, change, make sure I have everything ready for lessons and deal with any other issue that arises. I needed to be ready with a quick change and the Canadian Tuxedo was an easy wear.

On a more serious note May is National Mobility Awareness Month.

"This May marks the 2nd annual celebration of National Mobility Awareness Month, when we encourage people with disabilities to embody the spirit of Life Moving Forward by raising awareness of the mobility solutions available in your community. Whether you are living with a disability or have dedicated your time to helping someone who is, we want to hear what makes them a Local Hero.

Local Heroes can be defined as people who: Volunteer, Educate, Advocate, Achieve, Persevere
Stories will be shared and voted on. Voting is open to the public and at least three customized wheelchair accessible vehicles will be awarded to the Local Hero Winners.
Over 18 million people in North America are living with restrictive mobility issues. This is your chance to change the lives of just a few of those triumphing in the face of adversity."

A very close family friend has a Godson who is in need of minivan that is wheel chair accessible. It only takes a minute to vote and change this families life. All votes count. I encourage you to read Ben's story and vote here.

Chambray Shirt, Shoes - The Gap
Jeans - Yoga Jeans
Coat - Cassis (old)
Belt - Tory Burch (old)
Necklace - Banana Republic
Clutch - Pink House Jeanne Lottie


  1. cute your necklace and bag

  2. There's a right way to do the Canadian tuxedo (or in the US its called a Texas Tuxedo) and you have done it the right way. Really cute. That necklace is really pretty...I love the glossy orange gems. I also love your shoes.

  3. You can never go wrong with denim on denim! Btw, I voted for Ben:)!

  4. Very nice way of denim on denime because of the contrast.
    Your necklace is gorgeous!

    Lady of Style

  5. Haha, I was not aware of this Canadian Tuxedo term. I just thought it was denim on denim. You're so right about the in fashion and fashion death thing. Perhaps it's because it's in fashion right now, but I'm a fan of it! Also because I was a 90's child. Denim on denim was huge, as far as I remember. I even had a denim scrunchie at one point. Loved that scunchie!

  6. WOW you have some amazing necklaces!

    1. I'm making up for never wearing them before.

  7. Haha Canadian Tuxedo is one of my very favourite fashion names EVER. Seriously, it just makes me giggle every time I say it :) There are most definitely right ways and wrong ways to do it, and with that being said, you definitely did the CT RIGHT.


  8. Lol, we always called it a "cowboy tuxedo." Whatever you call it, you're rockin' it! Cute outfit!

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  10. That necklace is gorgeous! :)
    I've rocked the Canadian tuxedo a time or two as well, haha! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    kristina in retroworter

  11. you look so cute! love your necklace :)

    C's Evolution of Style