Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Four of My Fundamental Mom Pieces

Whenever I am talking about wardrobe building the one question I am always asked is “what are the essentials”. I love/loathe this question. I love it because any wardrobe should be built with several fundamental pieces that we can dive from and start exploring our individual style. I loathe it because we are all different so my essentials will be different from yours. When I am dressing clients I need to know about their lifestyle. This gives me a better understanding of building a wardrobe that reflects that lifestyle, and also I want women to wear their clothes. Women who work in an office and those of us that stay at home will need different fundamentals.

So I will be exploring some of my favourite basics for moms out there. I will also expand on what are some great extras to have if you want to push some boundaries.

Every woman needs one. The most flattering jean is a mid rise, dark blue uniform wash, boot cut jean. Once you start playing with wash you get yourself in trouble. If you are thin then you can wear everything and you are lucky and most people are jealous (like me). Anyway, lots of jeans have the wash faded on the thighs, well this makes your thighs looks bigger. If you have lots of whiskering, you look bigger. My favourite jean, and one that seems to look great on most women, is Paige Denim Hidden Hills. The wash in this picture is called Twilight and it is perfect. I love the mid rise, it helps eliminate the dreaded muffin top. You can dress this jean up with a sequin top and go out for dinner with your partner or some friends, or throw on a t-shirt and pick your child up from school. I am six feet tall so I tend to only buy premium denim because they do not discriminate against amazons. Right now is a great time to buy denim because of all the sales.

If you already have a pair or boot cut jeans here are a couple of other options: A pair of skinny jeans with the same type of wash as stated above. Skinny jeans are not for everyone but if you love to wear boots they are the way to go. Or if you really want to let your inner fashion victim out try a pair of coloured denim. Red has become a staple but kelly green and bright pink are fun as well. These J-brand jeans are on sale for $99 at Aritzia. 

I have several blazers in different colours and I love them all. They just seem to make me look more chic, with the most classic and versatile being my black one from Long Tall Sally. Last night I wore that blazer, with jeans, black patent leather heels, and a python print top. They just look polished. I have purchased blazers from Cassis, Long Tall Sally, Banana Republic and Anthropologie. They are all fantastic and very flattering but no one does a blazer better than Smythe, you are also paying for that work of beauty made right here in Canada. If you own a black blazer and want to pick one up more think navy blue, especially for summer. Black can be harsh and blue just does better with colours like yellow, red or green. I went a big crazy when I bought a leopard print blazer, but I just love it!

Flat Shoes
I know that most of you want to die of boredom when I say flats but when you are carting around four kids flats are the way to go. I know you’ll tell me that Posh always wears heels, but then I’ll remind you that she has a whole army of people she employs to do the heavy lifting. So flats it is. I have several flats in different colours that I just rotate with my outfits. You cannot go wrong with basic black flats in a ballet or penny loafer style. I also have flats in several different colours because sometime a girl just needs some red or yellow or gold or nude in her life.

Black Patent Heels, Pointed or Almond Toe
The majority of women I know need at least one pair of heels in their wardrobe and black seems to be the staple colour. I prefer patent leather because if you have an evening function patent leather just seems dressier. Toe shape is a personal preference but either an almond or pointed toe elongate the foot and are a great staple. If you can find a great shoe with a platform take the platform it is more comfortable.

Now if you have the black heel I say buy a nude shoe. Nude shoes look better with most colours. I have a fantastic pink dress and the nude shoe is not going to be competing with that great colour. You will be looking at my dress first and then notice my great nude shoe.

Hope this helps.


  1. Hi ... As you know, I just had my third baby. Can you please tell me what is a good everyday jean that will flatter my body. Thx

  2. I have a few suggestions.
    1. Paige Denim - Hidden Hills. It has a higher inseam then majority. They also have a denim with less stretch so keeps everything in.
    2. James Jeans - High Rise. Again holds it all in
    3. Adrian Goldschmeid - mid to high rise.

    Hope this helps Didi. I own all three and love them all.