Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vomit Doesn't Go With Anything...

So one of my children is sick and I am sitting in my Lululemon yoga pants and a Lululemon warm up shirt writing this while they sleep. As the title would suggest fashion is taking a back seat today and function is king. When function is ruling my life I throw on my yoga pants or sweats, but these pants always look good on my bum  and crotch (God that word sounds crass). I discovered Lululemon back in 2002/2003 at their first Toronto location at Young & Eglinton. They had pants in LONG, and that's when they officially had me. When I came home with a $100 pair of work out pants my husband thought I was crazy, but then he saw my bum in them and we were good. Moreover, no camel toe. I wore my first pants through all four of my pregnancies and I always felt comfortable and good about myself in them.

I have been amassing my own Lululemon collection of sweats and yoga attire over these last ten years. I wear them to work out, doing chores in the house and outside, travelling and days like today when the kids are sick. They come in different rises, lengths, colours and fabrication. They really have something for everyone. I got my girlfriend Agnes from Germany, and Piritta from Finland hooked. They both resisted Lululemon because they did not do yoga, then they tried the pants on, it was over. The last time Agnes was in Canada she immediately went to Lululemon. Lululemon is available across the U.S. and is expanding to the United Kingdom. Spread the word ladies, even Oprah featured these pants on one of  her favourite things episodes.

When I love something I smother it until it's gasping for air, that's how I feel about my Lululemon pants.

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  1. When I first heard about LuLu Lemon, I thought... are people crazy to spend $100 on Yoga Pants? Then I tried them on.... I used to buy more affordable sweat pants or black jogging pants, but I would replace them yearly, either because they would stretch, shrink or fade.
    Then, about 5 years ago, I tried on a pair of LuLu Lemon pants. And as OneChicMom said, they made my bum look incredible AND they were long enough! With some hesitation I coughed up the $100 for the pants. 5 Years later (with an additional 2 pants added to my collection) I have no regrets. I wear these pants travelling (they are nice enough that with a black trench coat and cute sneakers, you actually look a bit dressed up), to work out, to run errands, or just to lounge around the house. When I wear them I don’t feel I look as ‘bummy’ as if I was wearing your typical sweats. OH.... And I have never done Yoga in my life. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pants.