Wednesday, February 29, 2012

High Heel Tips

In this past month I have given two talks on spring trends and how I will be wearing them. I bring my own wardrobe and share my opinions with other mothers. I have worn the same outfit to both groups, and have featured the outfit in my coloured denim post, it consists of the green J Brand jeans, white top, gold necklace and BCBG nude shoes. If I'm talking about spring trends I will become a walking billboard. What gets the biggest response? The shoes, not because of the fantastic shade of nude that just goes with everything, but because of the four inch heel. You see, when a mother of four wears heels that high (and is already six feet tall) there are bound to be questions. I love the questions because my answers seem to catch some people off guard. Why Heels? Because I look good in them and need the height. Do you wear heels with your children? Yes, but only for limited periods of time (you need to stay honest). Do you love heels? Anything that makes me look longer and leaner? Bring it!! Do you own lots of heels?  "What do you consider lots"?

My favourite question is "What is a comfortable high heel?", the answer is simple "THEY DO NOT EXIST". The question should be "What heels will inflict the least damage?" Let me expand on this, I can wear my high heels for two hours and I am still happy, anything over fours hours with movement and I find all high heels hurt. I love my Jimmy Choo, Prada, Boutique 9, BCBG, Enzo Angilini, Nine West, Tory Burch, Coach, Nine West and Aerosoles heels. They all look good, make me feel like I don't have four children but over longer periods of time none of them are comfortable. I know some in the blogosphere will say "I have really comfortable heels and I wear them all day and run marathons in them, blah, blah, blah." You are lying (or you could be 20), I love you but still. Now if you are not lying you probably can't feel your feet after a while and that is not comfortable, nor healthy. You can't run in heels (no matter what television or the movies say) nor should you.

High heels are also are bad for your, wearing heels forces your lower back into a position that puts pressure on the joints between your vertebrae. The higher the heel the more pressure on your back. Moreover, they may also affect your knees, putting pressure on the knee cap and joint, causing inflammation and pain. Not to mention what happens to your feet after constantly wearing heels, google Sara Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham or even Oprah and their feet. That being said, I am not giving up wearing my heels. What I can do is try to minimize the pain and ugliness and here are some tips:
  • Make sure your shoes fit - The number one reason women feel pain or get blisters and abrasions is because their heels are not the right size. It doesn't matter how cute the shoes are, if they don't fit save your money. When you are trying on heels go at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest and this will help with fit and show how comfortable most are.
  • Know your foot shape and flexibility - Some pointy toe shoes have a very narrow foot boxes, if your foot is fuller just stay away, don't jam it in there. This will affect the shape of your foot that only surgery can correct. Not every foot is flexible enough to wear a four inch heel, try something shorter.
  • Learn to love a Platform - if possible chose a heel with a small platform under the toe. This will add height throughout the shoe rather than just in the heel and relieve the pressure you feel on the balls of your feet.
  • Break your heels in - don't wear a new pair of heels to a Croatian wedding and expect them to feel fabulous. Spend a few hours with them on around the house.
  • Give your feet a break - if you need to walk to work etc., wear a walking shoe and change into high heels on arrival. I do this, why waste my heel time getting there? If I am going to a Croatian wedding I have gotten smarter and bring a pair of flats in my purse that allows me to dance till they turn the lights on.
  • Throw out old shoes - as we age our feet change
  • Switch up your heels - stilettos are hot, but they are the most painful heel to wear. Make sure that you have some thicker heels to choose from
  • Spend some money - not all cheap shoes hurt and not all Louboutins are comfortable, however, you'll find that expensive high heels are made well and your feet will thank you.
  • Switch up your footwear - Wearing the same high heels will cause foot pain and blisters, switch it up. Change your shoes often, rotating between heels, flats and running shoes. Furthermore, switch up your heel height and give your body a break. What a great excuse to go shopping!
  • Pamper your feet - soak them, get your husband to massage them and just general care will make a difference.
Here is some shoe porn...

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