Thursday, February 9, 2012

Show Your Closet That You Care

When you look through my photos on this blog you will see that I use black velvet hangers. I used to buy wooden hangers from Ikea. The wooden hangers there were affordable and looked a lot better than plastic or wire. It gave my closet a uniform look that was visually pleasing. The problem with wooden hangers is that certain fabric and any article of clothing that has a thinner strap would fall off (that is why women's clothing has those plasticky straps inside many tops and dresses). This makes a big mess when everything is falling off and makes for frustration. Furthermore, wooden hangers are bulky and take lots of room in your closet so you cannot hang as many things as you need to, and all you are doing is trying to jam everything in it. So what started off as something that looked great now has ended up looking like my kids play area under the stairs in my basement. If you have limited space these hangers are not ideal.

So a few years ago I was at Costco (God I love Costco) and I saw this box of 50 black velvet hangers for less than $20. They are thin and claim that nothing will fall off these hangers! You can hang more clothing and your closet is tidy. I had to try them. If they didn't work I could bring them back and get a refund (another reason I love Costco). These hangers have changed the life of my closet, because they do exactly what they are supposed to. I have never had an issue of something falling off of them plus everything fits inside my closet!! My husband decided to go the way of the velvet hanger and I told my sisters about these hangers and Rosie has told me that they are indeed life changing.

I saw these hangers in Costco on Monday so they are back in stock. If you do not have a Costco card Winners and Walmart carry them as well. Winners and Walmart offer other colours besides black and Walmart has children's hangers in blue and pink (yes I did them in my kids closets as well).

I know that you will be thanking me when you switch to these hangers so you're welcome.


  1. Found you from BloggyMoms. Love those hangers as well. Please check me out at

    Can't wait to read more.

  2. These hangers not only hold your clothes like super glue, they also increase your closet space. I too used to use wooden hangers, before making the life changing switch. Now I've gained about 20% of closet space! LOVE LOVE LOVE these hangers!

  3. Just bought these...awesome! Thanks for the tip.