Wednesday, February 8, 2012

White Top + Black Bottom = Waiter?

A white button down paired with black pants/skirt is so easy to wear but you can get mistaken for the wait staff. An easy way to break this look up is accessories. A nice belt will give your waist definition and also make the look more interesting. Black is easy, why not try a red belt or even an animal print. Wearing a thick belt will give your waist much more definition and will become the point of interest for the outfit. A thin belt will be a nice add on. Play with the belts you own and see what works. The reason I recommended a red belt is because it looks great with black and white and it helps break up the outfit with some visual interest. Orange is a very popular colour this season, if you do not want to purchase any orange clothing try an orange belt. It will make your outfit current.

If all you have is a black belt wear it to define your waist and play with some necklaces or even a scarf. The scarf could add your pop of colour. I like to add black pearls with this outfit. Pearls are classic, black pearls are a bit more fun and not overdone by everyone.

Here are a couple of pictures of me wearing black, white and python. It was during Christmas of 2011 and I wanted to wear an outfit that was easy but still fashionable. The blouse and skirt are from Cassis, the belt is from BCBG and the necklace is from George. Would you ask me to take your order?


  1. I love the black skirt + white shirt look... but you're right... your definitely need to accessorize the outfit to differentiate yourself from a waitress. And with this kind of outfit you don't have to hold back on bold accessories.
    Great blog! Love all the entries.
    ps. I really like the kitchen table and chairs!

  2. Hi Iva - great blog! Found you through Bloggy Moms. Do you have a "follow" button or RSS feed?

  3. Hi Jenny-I just started blogging and I think I need to add that from gadgets??? So I will try that tonight. Thank you for your support, really appreciate it!

  4. Yes, you need gadgets!! There's a follower option and an email subscribe. Msg me if you can't find it! I am going out tOmorrow night WITHOUT the kids so I am going to try to rock the white shirt and black pants! Hopefully no one asks me where the bathroom is!!! Haha

  5. I think I got it on there. Can I ask how you got the different tabs on your blog? I have no clue how to do that.

  6. You did it! I subscribed by email. I can't remember where I found out how to do the links but I go this site very often:

    The writer has been so helpful with all of my questions. Ask him and I think he can help you.

    On a separate note... I would love to read more about how to look a wee bit better for grocery trips (not my usual sweats) and any tips on losing the last 5 pounds of baby bulge. I can't believe you had 4 kids! Oh, and since I am always getting stuff for the kids, I'd love to read more about where to buy stuff for me (ya ya.. me me me :o)

  7. Jenny remember to accessorize, Just like fashion sister said. Go BIG!