Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Fashion Pet Peeves

We all have things that bother us. Some are universal, for example, people who do not turn off their cel phones during movies, theatre performances, church etc. We consider it rude and it annoys us. Other pet peeves are personal, things that bother us that may not be offensive to others. I have a few fashion pet peeves that I just cannot get over.

  1.        Leggings or footless tights (not sure which term to use) that are worn as pants. I HATE this look. This afternoon I saw a woman wearing leopard print tights with a black shirt that skimmed the top of her tights. Tights never look good in the crotch area so why are you showing that off? Tights are meant to be worn with a longer top, preferably a tunic. I know lots of 20 something or teen girls wear them as pants. It still looks bad, they can be excused because they are young and most have no clue. Anyone over the age of 25 should know better. The crotch area is offensive in tights but the bum is in no better shape. It looks so exposed and unattractive, I feel sorry for that bum. To be ridiculed and to be made to looks so unattractive. Just one more reason I hate this look, tights have elasticized waist bands, when has this ever looked good? I dare you to try and find where it works.
  2.      White socks with jeans/slacks/khakis and any shoe besides an athletic shoe. You are not Michael Jackson so please don’t channel the look. Not even Michael looked good rocking it.
  3.       Mom Jeans. I should not even have to explain why. If there is anyone who needs specifics I’ll write an entire entry on the singular piece of clothing that has given ALL mothers a bad name.

There are lots of other things that bother me but this will just have to do for now. Anything you think I missed? 

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