Monday, May 28, 2012

Ann Taylor is coming to Canada!!!

It has been confirmed that Ann Taylor is indeed expanding into Canada!! Toronto is the first city to be chosen for its international expansion and I am so excited...unless they screw us over price. Yes, pretty harsh words but that seems to happen to us Canadians. Don't want to hear about dollar this and shipping that. Coach is priced exactly the same in the US as it is in Canada - that's right Coach. If I need a decent handbag I'll buy coach before J Crew or Michael Kors. J Crew is fleecing us with shipping and pricing, Michael Kors just pricing I think, and don't get me started on William Sonoma. I usually buy my items from these retailers in the US because of that. I know my pricing and buy accordingly.

I wrote on the Ann Taylor Facebook page about my excitement of them coming up north but implored them to be kind to their Canadian consumers. Please let Ann Taylor know you don't like being fleeced!

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  1. Yeah, so happy they're coming! They have a fabulous line of well-priced fashions for every age group and figure type. In the States when they have a sale, which is often, prices are even better. Can't wait!