Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Something Different - Don Carlos in La Boca

I do not usually write about a restaurant (or post twice in one day) but this was the most interesting restaurant I have ever been to. Don Carlos or Carlitos is located across the street from Boca Juniors stadium in La Boca area in Buenos Aires. Carlitos is a private restaurant (that's the only word I could think of to describe it) where the owner, Juan, allows who he wants into his place, you can also get an invite from a regular patron. That's how Ivan and I got in.

Once you get inside the place looks nondescript - white walls and floors, no real decor. The place is very clean and the clientel is diverse - made up of locals from the Boca area and business men who drive up in high end cars to enjoy Carlitos food and no nonsense atmosphere. This is where true fans of Boca Juniors come to eat. It is known across the city for its food and mystique. Women are sparse here - that explained the decor to me.

Here's the thing - there is no menu, so you don't know what you'll be served and there is no price. Juan tells you what you owe. Oh, one more thing - it's a strictly cash transaction!

I've been told that there is a two tier pricing system - one for the locals and one for the business crowd that comes.


Everything is fresh and Juan decides what he's going to feed you. He just drops dishes on tables as the food comes out. There are various drinks available. We asked for wine and he dropped a bottle down. We didn't get an option - but the wine was good. Actually everything was good. Can't wait to go back.

Below are pictures of the majority of what we ate. We missed taking pictures of a few dishes...

Lunch cost us $75 dollars, not cheap but not bad for one of the best experiences in Buenos Aires.


  1. Nice review! I had dinner at Don Carlos last night--it was amazing, quite similar to what you wrote. I've just made a list of everything that came to the table. I think it was 18 different items, plus wine and sparkling water.

    I'm a traveling storyteller and am about to write my own blog post about the experience, but have no pictures. I wondered if I could use some of yours, with credit, of course. If not, no problem.

  2. Thanks, Iva! Here's the link: http://storytellingnotes.blogspot.com.ar/2012/06/food-glorious-food-at-don-carlitos.html