Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chilean Wedding - Beautiful

My husband and I were invited to the wedding or our friends Solange and CHILE! It was absolutely fantastic and I had an amazing time. The food was superb, the venue was stunning and the decor was beautiful.

In that part of the world it is fall, but Solange ordered the perfect summer day for her nuptials.

We also went to Buenos Aires, Argentina during this trip just to enjoy more South American flavour.  My mother-in-law and father-in-law watched the kids and I got to enjoy some vacation husband had to work for two thirds of the trip...but I already explained how I got to enjoy myself the entire time so I'd say it was all good.

The pictures below are from the wedding, no style advice, just a good time. 

Solange looked beautiful and Daniel was radiating happiness. An amazing couple shared their special day with many friends and family.

There is no wedding party in Chile (the Brides and Grooms parents act as witnesses during the ceremony) and the head table is a family table. This is the head table.

In South America during some weddings they have a "carnival" period where everyone gets to let loose and dress up. MEOW!


  1. Beautiful pictures Iva. The wedding looked really nice and the bride looked amazing!

  2. Iva, I loved the pictures!! Thank you very much.