Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ann Taylor Skirt - Heat Wave is Over

So yesterday was supposed to be the last day of the May heat wave that hit southern Ontario. So (I think) this may be my last "heat wave" post. As Ann Taylor is coming to Toronto I decided to celebrate by showcasing my new skirt from there.

Like I stated yesterday I prefer to wear skirts or dresses when the summer weather hits. I couldn't resist a striped skirt, plus it has orange trim which does showcase the hottest colour of the season without overwhelming me. The length works for me as well.

It's hard to find good white t-shirts, trust me I've been looking. I don't want to spend a $100 because I have four children and I just don't want to spend $100. So I was extremely happy when I found this one at Banana Republic, plus it was on "promotion". I thought it was on sale but the sales woman corrected me and told me that it was on promotion.

The tee is a thick cotton and has some stretch in it. I will just have to see how it washes.

Thank you Costco for my new more left.

For my big busted friends this v-neck is flattering, it lengthens your neck and highlights the girls . Crew neck tees tend to cover them up without doing anything else, and I find that adds weight were it doesn't exist.

Skirt - Ann Taylor
T-shirt - Banana Republic
Wedges - Cole Haan
Watch - Michael Kors
Necklace - Gifted


  1. Love this as well! Does Ann Taylor ship to Canada?

  2. Not yet, hopefully when they open this year they will ship to Canada